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Empower your people and ensure every opportunity is explored to the full

Advance your Sales and Marketing capabilities with Storm CRM sales and marketing solutions that will make your business more profitable and efficient. Whether you're starting from scratch with CRM or you've had a bad experience with an existing product, we will take you to another level and deliver tangible business benefits.

Centralise sales for greater control, accuracy, and transparency

Visibility of the sales process around every engagement is now essential for making accurate forecasts, meeting targets and maximising opportunities.

Optimise marketing and boost sales

Business success now depends on being close to customers and staying there, something you can only achieve by knowing all there is to know about them.

Adopt best-practice processes to drive productivity

Use recognised methodologies rather than risk your business to processes that are ill-equipped for an age of disruption and digital transformation.


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How we do it

By combining our expertise in digital transformation with our Microsoft Gold Partner status, we are uniquely positioned to help you take advantage of a new generation of Sales and Marketing software.

We have adapted Microsoft Dynamics 365 to meet the precise business needs of companies with complex sales cycles, where pipelines must be transparent and accurate, and marketing makes every lead count. 

Regardless of the sector, we can empower you with sales automation tools and marketing processes to better manage the sales lifecycle, analyse its effectiveness, and build long-lasting customer relationships that will grow revenue. 

Choose your package

Delivered from the cloud as part of Dynamics 365, we tailor Microsoft's market-leading software to different business needs with three different packages. The point of entry will depend on your level of Sales and Marketing maturity.

Because Dynamics 365 is built to scale with your business, many clients have invested in the Storm solutions sequentially, starting at entry level then adding features and functionality with the other packages as their expertise and capabilities grow.



StormStarter CRM

StormAdvanced CRM

StormPremium CRM

Reap the benefits of an end-to-end solution that brings account, contact and lead management together with marketing and campaign planning.  Use the software not only to define your Sales and Marketing approach but to embed a best-practice approach that will drive productivity and bring complete visibility to the sales process.Develop more effective Sales and Marketing strategies using stakeholder and goal management tools to optimise customer engagements and target new opportunities. Introduce process automation, more configurable functionality, and use advanced reporting to inform decisions and extend your sales reach.Step up to business management software that seamlessly integrates the sales and marketing function with products, orders, and invoices. Increase your customer win ratio by tracking and analysing interactions across emails and landing pages. Automate marketing campaigns and use nurturing programs and lead scoring to reduce churn and fine-tune customer engagement. 
  • Account Management
    Account Management
    Track contacts, activities and opportunities by account. Includes account ranking by value and importance.
  • Contact Management
    Contact Management
    Ensure data integrity with GDPR consent management and Outlook syncing by default.
  • Lead Management
    Lead Management
    Manage leads more effectively with pipeline management by Sales Prime/Team.
  • Opportunity Management
    Opportunity Management
    Keep track of your sales pipeline with reliable opportunity profile management.
  • Email Management
    Email Management
    Keep track of email communications with email linking by account and opportunity.
  • Campaigns & Marketing Lists
    Campaigns & Marketing Lists
    Drive engagement with 2 pre-defined campaign models.
  • Basic Reporting
    Basic Reporting
    Information at a glance with the sales progress dashboard and activity reports.
  • CRM for Mobile/Tablet
    CRM for Mobile/Tablet
    Data on demand with full mobile functionality and responsive UI.
  • Activity Management
    Activity Management
    Establish best practice with build in sales processes and track activity by account, contact or opportunity.
  • 3x Sales Executive
    Training (Basic)
  • Tailored Sales Roles
    Tailored Sales Roles
    Manage data access with three distinctive security roles; Sales Manager, Sales Operations, and Sales Executive.
  • Storm Starter Training
    Storm Starter Training
    Includes 3 Days training specific to Storm Starter CRM and a tailored training manual.
  • Data Validation
    Data Validation
    Data integrity by design with duplication detection, format validation, and mandatory fields.
  • Theme Personalisation
    Theme Personalisation
    Make it your own with navigation optimisation and UI theming in line with your organisations brand.

Everything in Starter pack plus

  • Enhanced Contact Capture
    Enhanced Contact Capture
    Protect the integrity of your data with pre-defined contact capture process with built-in account creation.
  • Leads by Source Campaign
    Leads by Source Campaign
    Track the performance of marketing campaigns with leads by source campaign.
  • Custom Pipeline Management
    Custom Pipeline Management
    Take control of the sales pipeline with a custom pipeline view and sales process.
  • 5x Campaign Models
    5x Campaign Models
    Drive engagement with 5 pre-defined campaign models.
  • Customised Reporting 
    Customised Reporting
    Track the information that matters to your business with custom reports (x3) and dashboards (x2).
  • Goal Management
    Goal Management
    Monitor performance and sales activity with monthly, quarterly and yearly goal tracking.
  • 7x Sales Executives
    View Configuration
  • Marketing User Roles 
    Marketing User Roles
    Integrate sales & marketing with 2 dedicated Market user profiles - Marketing Executive / Marketing Manager.
  • Custom Security Roles
    Custom Security Roles
    With 3 custom security roles tailor user profiles to meet your unique business requirements.
  • Custom Teams                    
    Custom Teams
    Improve cross-departmental collaboration with custom teams.
  • Storm Advanced Training
    Storm Advanced Training
    Includes 3 Days training specific to Storm Advanced CRM and a tailored training manual.
  • Process Automation           
    Process Automation
    Spend more time focusing on closing business with 5 automation workflows for manual processes.
  • Social Integration
    Social Integration
    Monitor and track customer communications online with integration to the lead social platforms.
  • Voice of the Customer
    Voice of the Customer
    Monitor customer perceptions with a customisable CSAT survey.

  • OneDrive Integration
  • SharePoint Integration
  • LinkedIn Integration

Everything in Advanced pack plus

  • Product Portfolio
    Product Portfolio
    Support upselling and cross-selling opportunities with a product portfolio of up to 50 products.
  • Lead Scoring
    Lead Scoring
    Focus sales activities on those leads with the highest likelihood of converting.
  • Automated Lead Nurturing
    Automated Lead Nurturing
    Spend less time nurturing and more time closing sales with automated lead nurturing.
  • Web to Lead Form Capture
    Web to Lead Form Capture
    Reduce admin and never miss a lead with automated web to lead form capture.
  • Premium Email Management
    Premium Email Management
    Featuring email analytics and email editors, get more out of your email communications.
  • 5x Custom Campaign Models
    5x Custom Campaign Models
    Engage your prospects with custom built sales and marketing campaigns.</div>
  • Advanced Campaign Management
    Advanced Campaign Management
    Take control of campaigns with advanced features including SMS, Website Analytics, and Web Forms.
  • Storm Premium Training
    Storm Premium Training
    Includes 3 Days training specific to Storm Premium CRM and a tailored training manual.


Download data sheet



Download data sheet


Download data sheet


If your company requires a more customised sales and marketing solution the team at Storm have years of expertise in designing and developing CRM solutions to match unique customer needs.

To find out more simply contact us at



Additional Features

  • Skype for Business
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Outlook Integration
  • OneNote Integration
  • SharePoint Integration
  • Power BI Integration
  • Voice of the Customer Surveys
  • Social Engagement


  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Migration
  • Data Integration
  • Personalised Training Pack
  • Success Manager Pack
  • Field Service Configuration
  • Fantasy Sales  Configuration
  • Project Service  Configuration
  • Storm Product Catalogue Items
  • Custom XRM Solutions


Extend each package and make it more scalable with these Add-Ons.

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