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/blogs-web/Pages/blog-digital-dataStorm.aspxStorm Blog - Data analytics – the glue for digital operationsIn our last blog we talked about how businesses are under enormous pressure to reinvent themselves as “digital organisations”. In our view the concept of the digital enterprise really comes down to digitising three areas of a business - customer interactions, employee engagement and business operations - with data providing the glue that holds a digital strategy together. If you want to be digital-centric, you also have to be data-centric. 2016-09-27T23:00:00ZKarl FlanneryRead More
/blogs-web/Pages/continuous-testing-with-vsts.aspxContinuous Testing with Visual Studio Team ServicesContinuous testing with Visual Studio Team Services ensures your app still works after every check-in and build, enabling you to find problems earlier by running tests automatically with each build. In this article we will discuss Unit Testing, Coded UI Testing and Performance Testing using Visual Studio Team Services.2016-09-20T23:00:00ZPhilip DugganRead More
/blogs-web/Pages/release-management-with-visual-studio-team-services.aspxRelease Management with Visual Studio Team ServicesUsing Release Management, you can either fully automate the delivery of your software all the way to production, or set up semi-automated processes with approvals and on-demand deployments. It is an essential element of DevOps that helps your team continuously deliver software to your customers at a faster pace and with lower risk.2016-08-08T23:00:00ZPhilip DugganRead More
/blogs-web/Pages/blog-digital-enterprise.aspxStorm Blog - Digital transformation: not as painful as you might think Businesses are under enormous pressure to reinvent themselves as “digital organisations” or risk disruption and possibly even extinction if analysts are to be believed. Rather than panic at the prospect of having missed the boat, the best thing you can do is rationalise what digital means for your business and identify the most effective ways it can be leveraged.2016-07-18T23:00:00ZKarl FlanneryRead More

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