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​Interested in working at Storm?  Find out first hand, from people who work here, why Storm's such a great place to work.   Click here to watch our short video.

Delighted to share the great news that Storm has won the "Excellence in Talent Development" award in the Technology Ireland Software Industry Awards 2017.    ​

What our people say

“Storm – it’s a good place to work” There are lots of different people from different places all with different types of expertise – which means I am learning all the time

First hand feedback

“I like coming to work” There is always something going on that gets the brain thinking and the heart racing

From the trenches

“I started as an intern” And it’s turned out to be great it’s given me exactly the experience I was looking for

Techies Talk

“I love it” We get the new releases from Microsoft early– so I get deep under the skin of new innovations first up

Keeping Ahead

“It’s not just talk” Storm really do coax you to get accredited in new technologies – and reward you when you do

Fun too

“The team are cool” There's a great social side at Storm

Microsoft Partner Awards

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