Unlocking service revenue opportunity through business process optimisation and improved data flow.


Avaya, one of the largest global providers of business communication solutions - employing over 19,000 people and servicing 4,200 channel partners - faced a challenge familiar to many growing solutions providers: how to maximise revenue from selling services to partners and customers who bought their products.

What they needed was a smart, streamlined and fully automated services quotation and ordering system. One rich enough in functionality to incorporate the hundreds and thousands of product combinations available for purchase and instinctively marry those to the appropriate services the company offered. A solution intuitive enough to handle the complexity of different price points, promotions and product combinations for the different regions and channels in which the company did business.

Today Avaya has the solution it needs – a groundbreaking online quotation and ordering system – designed and implemented in partnership with Storm Technology. Used by many thousands of clients, partners and sales personnel across the globe the solution is the interface by which Avaya manages billion dollars worth of service quotations annually.

At the heart of this system lies a deeply complex and comprehensive database of services and service configurations. Dynamic in nature this database is mapped to an equally complex range of product offerings. The level of detail and mapping functionality enables Avaya to connect products selected with services offered and proactively prompt partners and clients to purchase.

Solution Benefits

Realising market opportunity with a future-ready, fully automated services quotation and ordering system.

Increased Service Revenue

Intelligent insights into service solutions based on product orders has seen significant service revenue growth over the 5 year period since deployment.

Impressive cost reductions

Web-enablement and automation of the services ordering and quotation process has significantly reduced headcount in sales and customer support.

Faster turnaround times

Automating many of the manual quotation and ordering processes has resulted allowed Avaya to increase quotation turnaround times and speed to market.

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We are pleased to say that in the last five years our services revenues have increased significantly. There is no doubt that the online automated quotation and ordering solution developed in partnership with Storm has played a very real part in helping us get there.

Kenneth Fox, Director of IT

One of the beauties fo the solution designed in partnership with Storm is that it eradicated the guesswork. Because It is driven by a comprehensive database that maps the relationships between our products and services it does the thinking for us. As soon as a client orders a product combination the solution alerts our sales team of what services they need before they close the deal.

Kenneth Fox, Director of IT

The sheer size of our business and range of products and services we offer made it impossible to systematically marry the right products, the right services, the right prices and the right channels together without some form of automation. What Storm Technology did was help us design and implement and pioneering quotation and ordering solution that made it happen.

Kenneth Fox, Director of IT

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