CCS Cleaning

Supporting global operations with cloud-based systems, Business Central and Solver.


A 3rd generation Irish family business, CCS was founded in 1966 to deliver professional contract cleaning services to Ireland’s retail sector. With a reputation for the delivery of service excellence, CCS has grown from strength to strength expanding its business focus to include the specialist cleaning of offices, hotels and data centres. Today CCS employs thousands of people across Ireland, the UK, France, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands. 

As a growing global business, CCS needed a modern ERP software, one that could commercially support its operations across multiple currencies and borders while ensuring compliance with local tax and statutory requirements. With an eye to the future, it was important that the new software would be able to scale to support continued business growth. In addition, CCS sought a solution that would enhance productivity and efficiency. The company had been using a legacy system that had not been updated in recent years, resulting in a lot of time being spent on inefficient manual processes.

To future-proof their investment, the team at CCS sought to migrate to a cloud-based ERP system, one that would enable the company to remain agile in the future business environment.

With this in mind, CCS opted to implement Microsoft D365 Business Central, a cloud-based ERP system. To complement this investment and deliver an efficient financial planning and analysis tool that could automate the reporting and planning process, CCS selected Solver as their preferred FP&A platform. 

Business Benefits

By leveraging the capabilites of cloud-based systems, Business Central and Solver, CCS Cleaning has streamlined financial and reporting processes.

Optimised Banking

With nearly all company banking now being done through Business Central, bank reconciliation time has been reduced from several days to only a few hours.

Enhanced Reporting

Solver is enabling the automated creation of the company’s monthly management accounts pack, streamlining the reporting process.

Ready to scale

As cloud-based systems, Business Central and Solver can scale to align with the company's changing needs as a growing global business.

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Storm set themselves apart from competitors by offering training to CCS staff on how to put data migration templates together. This helped the CCS team to further understand the architecture of the new system, ensuring they would be able to input and extract data. While the other companies had offered to do the data migration, our team would not have benefited from the system knowledge or ability to self-serve without this training provided.

Brian Flannery, CFO, CCS Cleaning

We felt we were in good hands with Storm Technology, given their expertise. We were surprised from our initial consultations to learn that so many of the ERP team were also qualified accountants, which of course helped the discussion massively. We knew that they understood our needs from both a technological perspective and a financial management perspective.

Brian Flannery, CFO, CCS Cleaning

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