Córas Iompair Éireann (CIE)

Iconic Irish Transport Group, CIE, transforms business performance with SharePoint.


CIE Group is a long-standing icon in the Irish public services sector, responsible for providing public transport services across Ireland, the group is made up of four key divisions – Irish Rail, Dublin Bus, Bus Eireann and CIE tours. Collectively the group employs over 12,000 people whose needs are serviced by CIE Group IT&T.

CIE Group worked with Storm to deploy SharePoint initially to meet the document management needs of the mechanical engineers operating in the Irish Rail division. Responsible for the smooth and safe running of Ireland’s network of trains, employees needed a single document repository where they could be assured that the latest, most relevant, accurate information and documentation they required were stored, coupled with smart search capabilities to enable easy and effective retrieval.

This early exposure to SharePoint and the emerging understanding of the power of the platform led to its expanded use in other areas of the CIE Group. It soon became the backbone of its internal help desk portal, rolling out a one-stop portal for all staff enabling them to report and track IT issues, submit a support request, and provide accurate information on IT processes.

Following this, CIE Group expanded Sharepoint to the HR and Finance function to automate certain processes as well as run internal staff surveys. Today, Sharepoint is widely used across CIE Group and is responsible for the automation of manual processes across the organisation. CIE Group continues to partner with Storm to expand Sharepoint to meet the needs of the different areas of business.

Business Benefits

CIE Group expanded its use of Sharepoint to meet multiple business needs ensuring maximum return on technology investment.

Boost Productivity

With a single platform to access and store information, streamline and automate processes, employees were able to save time and be more productive.

Unmatched Security

The CIE Group were able to worry less about compliance and safeguarding data and documents with a system that is known for its enterprise-level security standards.

Easy Scalability

Taking advantage of the flexibility provided by the Sharepoint platform, The CIE Group was able to scale the solution in line with business and departmental needs.

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SharePoint was originally chosen for a proof of concept and from that, it became clear it was the ideal solution to deliver on the document management needs of our mechanical engineers.

Amy Richards, Service Desk Manager1

Sharepoint has grown to become one of our most invaluable platforms from which we run multiple business solutions, used by hundreds of people across many divisions. It’s a real case of from little acorns tall oaks grown.

Amy Richards, Service Desk Manager

Storm Technology has been involved in the rollout and expansion of the SharePoint platform since day one. We rely on them for day-to-day SharePoint support - so as we can focus on our own jobs - as well as being a trusted partner that can help us understand the best way to use the platform and deploy it to deliver the business solutions we seek.

Amy Richards, Service Desk Manger

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