Derrin Group

Building a Growth-Ready Finance Function with 4PS and Solver


A leading property development and civil engineering company, Derrin Group provide the highest quality homes in places people inspire to live, supporting all stages of development. With a strong foothold in the social housing space, Derrin Group aims to capture the private market due to the current high demand and low supply within the Irish market.

With this growth objective in mind, Derrin Group sought to ensure they had the correct foundations in place to support company growth. Key to this was the modernisation of the company's finance function which was disconnected with no solid link between finance and construction and provided limited management data.

To help tackle this, Derrin Group opted to implement 4PS, a construction ERP solution that extends the functionality of Dynamics 365 Business Central to meet the specific needs of the construction industry. Solver, a cloud-based financial planning and analysis solution, was also introduced to extend reporting functionality.

Derrin Group now benefit from a connected finance function who have a single solution to consolidate all business data and deliver a single source of truth which has eliminated any disparity between departments. Streamlined financial operations and a standardised set of processes have delivered an improved team environment. The introduction of Solver had helped create consistent reporting processes and will ensure that the team can focus more on data analysis as they grow rather than spending long periods creating reports.

As they enter this new stage of growth, Derrin Group are confident that 4PS and Solver will give them the foundations to drive the business forward.

Business Benefits

Preparing for Growth at Scale with Construction ERP 4PS and Reporting Solution Solver.

Increased Scalability

4PS and Solver have provided Derrin Group with a solid foundation with the scalability that can support their company growth objectives.

Streamlined Processes

Derrin Group have now created a modern finance function with streamlined processes, connecting all data from finance and construction in a single space.

Improved Team Environment

A single system and a set of standardised processes ave allowed team members to work together in a more valuable way, as well as onboarding new employees more easily.

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"We have the systems and processes in place now. There’s one version of the truth, it’s a standardised approach so everyone knows what’s needed. You can use the analogy of the assembly line if someone isn’t doing their job along the line, it stops and you can identify the problem and deal with it as opposed to finding out about the problem later and trying to trace it back.”

Trevor Byrne, CFO, Derrin Group

"My instinct was to go directly to Storm for 4PS having been through the journey before. I’ve worked closely with Storm and have used the system and been very happy with it. I’ve given several recommendations to other companies on Storm and 4PS and it was a no-brainer to go with Storm and 4PS seeing as the likes of Glenveagh and other home builders are using it and Storm has the experience to deliver it."

Trevor Byrne, CFO, Derrin Group

"Having previously seen the impact of combining 4PS with Solver, I knew it was important to implement it as early in the process as possible to ensure we can continue to spend more time on data analysis as we grow rather than spending long periods preparing reports. I’m confident as we enter a new busier period of growth that both 4PS and Solver will give us the foundations we need to drive the business forward."

Trevor Byrne, CFO, Derrin Group

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