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Established in 2013, the office of the government Chief Information Officer at the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (DPER) is responsible for developing and implementing an ICT strategy for the Irish Public Service with the main goal of ensuring an efficient, shared and integrated approach to ICT across all departments delivering new innovative digital services and enhancing the use of the Governments information assets. DPER partnered with Storm Technology to develop and implement three centralised applications e-submission, e-parliamentary question and e-docs.

E-Submissions digitalises the internal submissions processes in the form of informational updates, briefing notes or discussions that are part of the everyday communications between Departmental staff, Ministers and the Secretary General. These need to managed, recorded and treated in line with approved policies and procedures.

E-Parliamentary questions refers to the 51,000 yearly parliamentary questions raised by Deputies to Government Ministers relating to Public affairs connected with their departments. With accurate responses required within a strict time frame, a custom framework was needed to automate this process with SharePoint.

E-docs provides a central source of information across departments managing the full life-cycle of information assets from creation ,capture, saving, sharing, changing and searching which enhances user experience and saves time.

These applications helped DPER in their journey towards better digitisation and utilisation of the Governments information assets. All applications were designed with a SharePoint architecture that contextualised and structured data in a manner that allowed users to easily retrieve relevant data.

Business Benefits

DPER harnessed the power of SharePoint as an electronic document and records management (EDRMS) to create three applications to help digitally transform their internal processes.

Easy Retrieval

With more efficient document organisation, take advantage of SharePoint's ability to easily find and retrieve documents with smart search capabilities and streamline productivity.

Increased Collaboration

With better document management and secure sharing, allow for more workplace collaboration to combine departmental efforts where needed to drive outcomes and decisions.

Better Data Flow

Avoid information silos, duplicate information with a central document management system optimised with smart categorisation and workflows to ensure an efficient flow of data.

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The e-docs application enables us to move to a digitalised information management structure complementary to today’s modern digital workers’ needs. However, it does so taking into account the regulatory, compliance and legal requirements that govern our operations

Owen Harrison, Principal Officer, Office of the Government CIO

The e-Submissions application enables us to improve this process significantly. All submissions are now standardised around an efficient electronic process from start to end. The centralisation of content also enables staff members to retrieve and use the information being sought in a more efficient manner.

Owen Harrison, Principal Officer, Office of the Government CIO

Maximizing return on investment is core to our function, so the ability to build common applications on a single platform that can be shared across Departments is of significant value to us. These initiatives blended our own internal expertise with that of our external ICT service provider Storm Technology.

Owen Harrison, Principal Officer, Office of the Government CIO

In particular Storm provided innovation, insight and valuable expertise in understanding how to architect the ‘build to share’ common applications, SharePoint platform. A centralised platform that could be used across multiple Departments while working in harmony with internal technology needs.

Owen Harrison, Principal Officer, Office of the Government CIO

Sharepoint has grown to become one of our most invaluable platforms from which we run multiple business solutions, used by hundreds of people across many divisions. It’s a real case of from little acorns tall oaks grown.

Amy Richards, Service Desk Manager

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