Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council

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Stretching across the coast to the Dublin mountains, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council represents over 218,000 citizens and is home to UCD, IDAT and leading multi-nationals such as Google, Vodafone and Microsoft. Responsible for the delivery of over 600 services including housing, roads, urban planning and development, DLRCC remains focused on enhancing the lives of the community it serves.

As part of this ongoing commitment to the community, DLRCC embarked on an ambitious digital transformation, kicking off in 2016 with the migration to Office 365. Following the success of this roll-out DLRCC sought to improve IT access for remote working, enhance data management and ensure seamless collaboration across departments.

A large-scale transformation initiative that would impact every aspect of the organisation, DLRCC knew they needed a good business technology partner to support them. Following a tender process that focused on experience and breadth of expertise, Storm Technology was selected as the partner of choice.

Working with Storm, DLRCC optimised their document management processes using SharePoint Online. They also explored the potential of Microsoft Power Platform to transform a number of critical business processes through innovative low code design. In doing so they created a meeting management system, an optimised case representation service for Councillors and digitised approvals and paper processes across the council preparing them for the future of work.

Business Benefits

SharePoint Online and Power Platform allowed Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council to transform their organisational processes.

Increased Productivity

The new systems put in place addressed previous technology limitations. Staff can now collaborate together in real-time and streamline repetitive tasks leading to a more productive work day overall.


DLRCC were able to navigate the move to remote working seamlessly due to the transformation they had already made. They now have the flexibility to cater to staff and business needs regardless of location.

Enhanced Efficiency

The new systems have allowed for better organisational transparency, a logical way of storing documents or information and better implementation of procedures across the board.

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