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The European Training Foundation (ETF) is a European Union agency that helps countries neighbouring the EU to reform their education and training systems as part of EU external relations policies. ETF work with various regions across the globe juggling many different project workloads from different countries.

Following the creation of a modern digitisation strategy that highlighted low-code development as the technology of choice and Microsoft as the technology vendor of choice to optimise project management, ETF partnered with Storm Technology.

ETF's legacy project management solution was custom built to meet the unique nature of ETF's project management processes. ETF required a solution that delivered the same level of detail but also more flexibility and a user-friendly interface for employees to transition more easily. Having first trialled Microsoft's Project for Web, ETF discovered a need for more advanced functionality and greater flexibility which led to Projectum's Power PPM, a project and portfolio management solution built on Microsoft's Power Platform.

The introduction of Power PPM has allowed ETF to consolidate its complex project management processes in a single solution and optimise overall project planning and resource allocation. The solution also acts as a source verification of ETF's spending and project activities, essential for ETF as a public body. Power PPM also helped ETF enhance reporting capabilities with Power BI delivering real-time project data on demand.

Business Benefits

Leveraging Low-Code Solution Power PPM To Modernise Project Management Processes.

A Single Solution

Following the introduction of Power PPM along with a number of custom integrations into other business systems, ETF now has a single space for all project information in real-time.

Enhanced Transparency

Power PPM has delivered increased transparency into project planning, spending and resource allocation with the ability to drill down into project detail by task, location and much more.

Streamlined Reporting

Power BI has helped ETF reduce reliance on Excel and streamline reporting processes with multiple dashboards of real-time information and valuable business insights.

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"Thanks to Power PPM we can now take any task and easily define the amount of time value for resources allocated as well as seeing how much of the allocated resources have already been spent on the task. This helps ETF easily calculate the cost of resource time and the budget invested in a project to track the progress … What is really beneficial is having access to this real-time information down to the level of task up to the overall project detail."

Mara Arno, Planning Monitoring & Reporting Specialist, ETF

"The system helps ETF manage internal planning making sure the projects are run efficiently, but it is also a source of verification of our spending and how we prioritise our work. Therefore, to manage all of this we needed a detailed system but also one that was user-friendly."

Theirry Foubert, Head of Strategic Development Unit, ETF

"Power BI has really been a really impactful new feature for us … At ETF we have developed some 15 views and it’s also quite easy to learn for a non-IT person. Before the introduction of Power BI we used Excel, so I would have created the same graphs in Excel on a quarterly basis, updating the graphs and tables manually based on the information in different systems. Now the system can generate this information on demand."

Mara Arno, Planning, Monitoring & Reporting Specialist, ETF

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