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Delivering machinery and spare parts to the agricultural industry, Farmhand, like most of the Irish farmers and dealerships it serves is an independent family-run enterprise passed down through several generations. Since 1962, Farmhand’s commitment to “look after farmers locally” has remained at the forefront of business operations, with recent technology investments, focused on better understanding and serving their customers needs.

Keeping internal stakeholders, dealers and end customers at the heart of digital transformation has ensured Farmhand has built solid foundations for future growth while retaining the customer-focused heart the business is known for. Working with Storm Technology, Farmhand has invested in the digital transformation of processes to streamlined the sales, service and support it provides to dealers and customers.

Farmhand began their digital transformation with the implementation of a CRM solution and bespoke Warranty Management portal, to ensure the highest levels of support were available to farmers in the event of machine breakdown. With the second stage of this transformation focused on the optimisation of their consumable parts division.

Leveraging the power of Dynamics to streamline back-office processes, Farmhand has transformed their employee, dealer and client experience. Expanding operations to include a 24/7 webshop that provides dealers with access to the consumable parts and stock details any time, anywhere.

Business Benefits

Streamlining day-to-day processes and unleashing growth potential through digital transformation.

Optimise Sales Cycle

Providing greater visibility across the sales cycle the CRM solution empowered the sales team to support dealers with the right information and resources at the right time to progress opportunities to close.

Streamlined Data Entry

Automating the transfer of data from CRM to the ERP has cut down on double entry and ensures orders are processed quickly and stock management aligns with the current sales pipeline.

Digital Growth Enablement

Facilitated the expansion of the consumable parts division with FastParts, a digital platform with real-time integration with back-office systems allowing dealers to quickly and easily place orders online.

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The team at Storm were confident saying no to things they knew were not right for us - even when we wanted them. They worked with us to understand where we could improve our daily processes. Like any company, we got used to doing things a certain way, but Storm challenged the status quo and provided best practice guidelines to improve internal processes and ensure long-term business benefit.

Stephen Scrivener, Managing Director

We needed to fully integrate the online shop with our back-office systems and to do so we would need to update our ERP system - no small task for any business. What gave us confidence in Storm’s ability was that the team took the time to get to know our business. Their ERP team is made up of accountants with an in-depth understanding of not just the solution but of what we were trying to achieve and how the solution needed to work for our users.

Stephen Scrivener, Managing Director

We wanted a solution to manage the pipeline from initial product demo to sending out a quote or perhaps a factory visit six months down the line. The CRM system provides us with visibility across the entire sales process.

Stephen Scrivener, Managing Director

The warranty process works well now. It is a complicated process with a huge number of possible outcomes, which makes keeping al the case documents, photos etc. together critical to providing our dealers with a prompt service.

Stephen Scrivener, Managing Director

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