Hermitage Medical Clinic

Focused on excellence through innovation, the Hermitage Medical Clinic transformed financial processes with Solver & Storm Technology.


A leading light within the Irish medical sector, The Hermitage Medical Clinic is a private hospital providing a full range of medical and surgical care across a broad spectrum of specialities. Delivering excellence in patient care through innovation and a holistic approach to patient well-being, the Hermitage continues to refine patient care within the Irish marketplace.

This focus on excellence through innovation and best-in-class technology extends beyond patient care and treatments, forming the cornerstone for business operations campus-wide. A strategic review of existing financial processes led to the modernisation of existing reporting and consolidation practices at the Hermitage. A project spearheaded by newly appointed CFO, Cathal Garvey and Commercial Finance Manager, Mary McHugh.

The challenge was not around creating more data, it was about understanding and sharing the data that existing within the existing ERP platform. Storm worked with the team at the Hermitage to solve the complexities around existing data sets and streamline the reporting process.

The Solver solution sits on top of the existing ERP platform, providing a front-end portal to critical business data. Pulling data from across the organisation in real-time and converting it into intelligent actionable reports. Providing the flexibility required to tackle the complexities within the data.

Business Benefits

A collaborative project focused on delivering business benefit through the introduction of Corporate Performance Management solution, Solver.

Reduced Reporting Lead Times

Solver has reduced the consolidation and reporting cycle by 75% and automates management reporting.

Seamless Integration with ERP

Provides a front-end portal to critical business data previously locked within the ERP.

Improved Visibility Campus-Wide

Real-time insights provide management and staff with information required to proactively respond to evolving patient needs.

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While our ERP solution captured invaluable business data, we were unable to get this data out of the system. What we needed was a system to produce the numbers, one which could deliver actionable business insight, from flash reporting to real-time actual versus budget tracking.

Mary McHugh, Commercial Finance Manager

The introduction of Solver represented a significant change in terms of the day-to-day operations within the Finance team and the level of confidence the team had in terms of trusting the numbers and delivering actionable business insight based on these numbers. Focused on the business and human impact of technology change, Storm worked with us to get key stakeholders on board from the outset.

Mary McHugh, Commercial Finance Manager

Before the consolidation of the financial reporting process accounted for 15 days, three-quarters of our monthly reporting cycle with the final 5 days spent preparing reports for the management pack, today this entire reporting process takes just 5 days.

Mary McHugh, Commercial Finance Manager

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