Transforming Financial Consolidation with Solver and Storm Technology


One of Ireland's leading food-processing companies, Kepak has over the past 50 years established itself as a food innovator. What began as a family-owned butcher's shop in 1966 has evolved to have international reach employing over 4,500 employees across four main trading areas: fresh meat, food service, consumer goods and global trading.

Following a period of growth and expansion into the UK market, Kepak was faced with multiple financial reporting systems and dispersed data making the reporting process a long and tedious one. In order to consolidate financial processes, create a comprehensive suite of reports and reduce its over-reliance on Excel, Kepak partnered with Storm to implement Solver.

A cloud-based financial planning and analysis tool built on Microsoft Azure, Solver works to consolidate financial data from multiple sources as well as automate financial planning and reporting processes. Following the introduction of Solver, Kepak noted significant time savings when it comes to financial reporting leaving them more time for analysis as well as increased data accuracy across the board.

As an organisation focused on sustainability and responsibility, Kepak understands the importance of digital technology, particularly cloud-based solutions in today’s business landscape as well as into the future. A collaborative project between Storm and Kepak has not only transformed reporting processes but also ensured solid foundations for future growth.

Business Benefits

Kepak harnessed the power of Solver to consolidate financial reporting across all sites to deliver a single source of truth for data accuracy.


With Solver, Kepak has been able to streamline financial reporting meaning the team now spends less time collating data and more time analysing the data ultimately adding more value to the organisation.

Increased Transparency

Solver pulls all financial data from different sources meaning Kepak now have a single source of truth ensuring better accuracy and empowering data-driven decision-making with real-time data insights.

Growth Ready

As a cloud-based scalable solution, Solver can continue to meet Kepak's requirements now and into the future as they continue to expand and grow through scaling in line with business needs.

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“Before introducing Solver, the team spent almost two days putting data together with only five minutes left to analyse the data. Now it is the other way around with most of our time spent analysing the data. Rather than focusing simply on data collation and entry our finance team is now focused on applying their expertise to deriving insights from the data ”

Mick O'Meara, Group Business Systems Manager, Kepak

“One of the most important things in any technical relationship is partner expertise, something which can be very difficult to find in today’s business landscape. We found this high level of solution expertise within Storm. Storm gets us in touch with the right people at the right time, ensuring we get it resolved as quickly as possible with the least amount of disruption possible."

Mick O'Meara, Group Business Systems Manager, Kepak

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