Life Insurance Association (LIA)

Putting people at the heart of digital transformation, LIA transformed employee engagement and customer experience with Connect Intranet.


A trusted partner to the Irish Financial sector for over 40 years, LIA is Ireland’s leading education and development association for people who work in the Finance industry in Ireland. Serving over 10,000 members LIA delivers a multi-faceted education service that covers everything from online learning, to CPD activities, as well as seminars and events.

To keep pace with their evolving client needs LIA underwent an ambitious digital transformation journey, touching every aspect of operations - from how the team engaged with members to how the association interacted with its own staff.

Critical to the success of this transformation has been LIA’s commitment to keeping people at the forefront and the delivery of service excellence.

Traditionally all internal communications were done via email which simply lead to ‘email overload’. People were missing out on important news and updates. The knock-on effect was a disconnect across the association and no real connection with the overall culture, mission and vision that defines LIA.

To bring the benefit of digital transformation to employees, LIA worked with Storm to implement a company-wide intranet. A central hub for all company news and information, from business updates and employee news to information on our operating processes and business policies.

Business Benefits

Bringing the benefits of digital transformation to their employees, LIA enhanced the employee experience with out-of-the-box intranet solution, Connect.

Improved Internal Comms

Connect provides LIA with a single point of truth for all company updates and has eliminated communication silos and an over-reliance on emails.

Re-energised Company Culture

A shared platform, the intranet has helped improve morale and company culture, making everyone feel connected following a period of significant change.

Up & Running in Days

Designed for ease of use, product champions and system administrators were able to start using it right away, with minimal training required.

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What really impressed us about this project was just how quickly and easily we were able to get up and running with Storm's intranet. Thanks to the solution's ease of use our product champions and system administrator really embraced the solution and were able to start using it right away, with minimal training required.

Rebecca McGee, Head of IT, Privacy & Risk

The intranet has helped improve morale and company culture - making everyone feel part of the same team - which is really important when you have gone through as much change as we have.

Rebecca McGee, Head of IT, Privacy & Risk

Changes to our back-office processes have enabled us to not only deliver better service but to eradicate 70-80% of our manual paper-based processes. This has brought about greater operations efficiencies so we can deliver even more to our members and students.

Rebecca McGee, Head of IT, Privacy & Risk

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