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Boasting a global footprint that spans Europe, South Pacific and the Middle East, Roadbridge has, since its inception in 1967 continued to grow from strength to strength, thanks largely to the firms’ ability to remain agile in the face of challenging economic conditions.

Following the crash of 2008, the unshakeable stakeholder confidence of the boom era had been eroded, leaving in its place scepticism and a demand for improved transparency and reporting accuracy. This combined with a change in business structure saw the role of Finance within Roadbridge evolve from reporting the numbers to a strategic business advisor.

Keeping pace with these changes and the rate of business growth created a new set of challenges. The data critical to driving the business forward was not available in one easily accessible location, and the time required for consolidation from multiple systems, people and functions impacted the organisation’s ability to leverage forward-looking insights to remain agile and proactively manage project risk and profitability.

Acting as a central repository for company and project information, construction-focused ERP, 4PS provides Roadbridge with greater transparency than ever before. Offering one version of the truth regardless of the business lens applied.

Business Benefits

From historical reporting to real-time actionable insights with an Enterprise Resource Planning solutions design to meet the unique requirements of the construction industry.

Single Source of Truth

With a single version of the truth regardless of the business lens applied, the solution ensures business confidence in the metrics reported.

Real-Time Insight

Consolidation of data in real-time enables Roadbridge to make strategic decisions quickly and pre-empt potentially costly project risk.

Improved Back Office Operations

Storm worked closely with the various business functions build a system that not only streamlined business processes but also improved the working life of its users.

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By understanding potential user frustrations and challenges the team at Storm tailored the solution to address users particular concerns, enabling us to demonstrate tangible improvements to each user.

Trevor Byrne, Chief Financial Officer

As CFO, I have the information needed to provide strategic counsel to the board of directors. We are armed with the information required to take advantage of market opportunity and the confidence in our metrics to pre-empt potential risk.

Trevor Byrne, Chief Financial Officer

Where ambiguity previously existed due to conflicting data across systems, the ERP offers one version of the truth regardless of the business lens applied. There is no longer debate around the data, reporting the facts alone, the solution ensures confidence in the metrics reported.

Trevor Byrne, Chief Financial Officer

"We needed a solution that would accommodate for the project-based nature of the construction industry... A solution that would deliver real-time actionable insights to drive the business forward"

Trevor Byrne, Chief Financial Officer

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