Helping the legal industry win the war on paper with cloud-based collaboration.


Having made its debut appearance at the high profile Quinn case, TrialView is an innovative cloud-based solution that is set to transform litigation proceedings and change the game for the management of case documentation.

Modern litigation has become a paper war: a war that TrialView has set out to help the legal industry win. At its very core, TrialView is a cloud-based solution that digitalizes all of the documentation related to a case so that it can be accessed by all relevant parties, shared and presented online in court. It eliminates all those duplicate documents and boxes of paper, bringing them online and providing digital access to them as well.

While digitalizing case documentation is central to what TrialView does, it is not the essence of what makes the solution transformational.

What makes TrialView truly unique is the way in which it replicates online what barristers, lawyers and legal counsel do manually every day of the week when preparing for court.

According to TrialView's Director, Eugene O’Neill, what makes the solution a pace-setter in the industry is that firstly it was designed from day one with the end-user being central in the process. And secondly that it has been built using great technology, MS Azure, a cloud-based eco-system that offers the ability to scale with ease while delivering enterprise-level security protocols.

Business Benefits

Transforming the legal sector with online collaboration backed by enterprise-level security.

User Focused Design & Build

A bespoke solution TrialView has in collaboration with Storm been designed from the ground up by the people who are going to use it.

Security & Scalability by Design

Microsoft Azure provides the ability to scale in line with business growth while delivering upon the security requirements of the Legal industry.

Expert Technology Partner

With over 25+ years of experience Storm has a deep understanding of Microsoft technologies - from Azure through to SharePoint

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We needed technology that was foolproofed in two ways. One was the ability to scale as we grow, and the second was it's first-class security protocols. We found both in the Microsoft Azure Platform.

Eugene O'Neill, Director

Storm Technology was vital in helping us design and build a really transformational solution. They worked with us to understand our clients’ requirements and the vision behind the solution. With that insight and an amazing understanding of Microsoft technologies – from Azure through to SharePoint – they helped us build and design what TrialView is today.

Eugene O'Neill, Director

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