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A shining light on the educational world stage, Trinity College Dublin (TCD) is home to 17,000+ undergraduate and postgraduate students across all the major disciplines including arts and humanities, business, law, engineering, sciences and health sciences.

To better service ongoing expansion across campus and meet the growing requirements of Ireland’s most iconic and visited campus, TCD sought to elevate project governance, to hold project management to the same high standard as the educational service delivered. This decision led to the establishment of a dedicated Project Management Office (PMO) and the introduction of an Enterprise Project Management approach, underpinned by modern digital Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution, Microsoft Project.

Integrating with the existing ERP platform to pull financial and procurement data daily, MS Project enabled the team to consolidate project insights from across the entire University portfolio in real-time.

Smart forms backed by a robust data structure created an individual environment for each project, within which all relevant documentation and project data is catalogued and stored. Document change-tracking and enhanced visibility of project schedules, risks and issues, action-tracking, project diaries, and other important project meta-data align with internal and external auditing requirements.

Shifting project management perceptions and placing enhanced emphasis on governance and transparency, the introduction of Project Online challenged the status quo, requiring cross-functional project teams to re-think existing processes and project accountability.

Having successfully delivered upon initial objectives the solution has grown far beyond the initial scope of 25 project managers running capital projects to include 150+ users across campus, with future plans for deployment across in other parts of the organisation currently under review.

Business Benefits

Holding project governance to the same high standard that has seen Trinity College Dublin emerge as a shining light on the educational world stage.

Improved Governance & Transparency

Providing at a glance and granular visibility across the entire portfolio of capital projects, the solution helped raise the standards of governance & transparency.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Automating data flow across systems, the solution has eliminated bottlenecks and reduced the administrative burden associated with Capital Review Group governance.

Bespoke Scalable Solution

Incorporating best practice document management on SharePoint & real-time reporting with Power BI the solution enforces TCD's vision for the future of project management.

Read the TCD case study in full.


Managing by exception, rather than discussing every detail has shifted perceptions of the Project Management Office from a policing function to project enablers. While smart linking of project documentation within the dashboard ensures we do not compromise on the level of detail required from a governance, transparency and auditing perspective.

John O'Sullivan, Director of PMO

The introduction of Project Online has represented a huge step-change in terms of Enterprise Programme & Project Portfolio Management. Digitalising the process to include real-time interfaces to Financial Systems while the use of mobile devices by PM's in the field has eliminated bottlenecks in data collection, processing and reporting.

John O'Sullivan, Director of PMO

Using the Executive Dashboard built on Power BI to drill down to the smallest detail is like looking through a microscope, highlighting potential risks or project slippage at a glance. This enterprise-level view combined with the flexibility of reporting and consistency of data captured provides a scalable future-proof solution for Project Management.

John O'Sullivan, Director of PMO

Working with Storm allowed us to go beyond the out-of-the-box functionality of Project Online. Their practical experience and business know-how across the entire Microsoft ecosystem allowed us to build a solution that aligned with the PMO's vision for the future of project management at TCD.

John O'Sullivan, Director of PMO

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