Tropical Medical Bureau

Paving the way for growth with a bespoke solution for clinic onboarding and communication.


Operating a network of 20 clinics, the Tropical Medical Bureau (TMB), Ireland’s largest travel medicine clinic, is firmly focused on a strategy of growth. To realise this vision, TMB needed to be able to bring new clinics on-board quickly and effectively and to provide them with the ongoing support, education and expert advice that enables them to provide excellent services and care to patients.

However, a significant challenge has been its legacy travel medicine software, through which TMB managed and supported its network of clinics. The system had to be physically installed and supported on each clinic’s site, making the on-boarding process cumbersome and costly, preventing the business from scaling at pace.

Today, TMB has a custom-built online travel medicine solution that leverages the power of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Addressing the key obstacles to growth this bespoke solution has eradicated the need for costly on-site deployments and provides on-line training and support to all clinics. Staff across the entire TMB network have real-time access to approved information, best practices and procedures for travel-related medical issues.

Business Benefits

A growth-ready platform backed by the flexibility, security and reliability of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Improved Patient Experience

Integration of data across the entire network enables TMB to deliver a seamless patient experience across all clinics both nationally and internationally.

Cost Savings

A cloud-based solution, the new platform has significantly reduced the time and resource costs associated with new clinic on-boarding.

Enabling Growth & Expansion

Reducing the time and complexity of new clinic onboarding, the platform eliminates barriers to domestic market growth and international entry.

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As a growing company, one of the biggest fears you have is that the investments you make in software today simply won't stand the test of time - you're concerned that if you grow, they won't grow. This was a challenge we put to the team at Storm, and it's one they truly cracked, designing for us an online solution - built on Microsoft Azure - that has the infinite capability to grow and expand.

Andrew Lewis, Chief Executive Officer

We simply could not find an off-the-shelf solution that suited our needs. So we went looking for a partner who could re-design and improve our existing system - someone who could get under the hood of what we had, understand what we ideally and then design a solution that would work for us. We found that in the team at Storm Technology.

Andrew Lewis, Chief Executive Officer

A real challenge to growth was our legacy system for managing and supporting clinics. Every-time we partnered with a new clinic the system had to be physically installed an supported on the clinic's site. It made the on-boarding process slow, cumbersome and costly, which meant we could not scale the business the way we wanted to.

Andrew Lewis, Chief Executive Officer

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