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It's a numbers game

For many businesses marketing has now become the new power house on the block.  The shift in behaviour around how people research, select and share opinions about products and services has catapulted the role of marketing from the backroom to the boardroom.  With this comes both great opportunities and some sizable challenges.

For a start marketing is no longer viewed as a soft, un-measurable inexact science rather, just like sales, marketing is now very much a numbers game.  It needs to have a clearly defined cycle with verifiable outcomes and a clear measurable pathway for progression from marketing prospect through to sales opportunity.

Designing campaign and funnel management strategies

One thing our CRM team love to do (and our clients say we are good at it!) is help organisations transform how they managed their marketing operations.   Working with clients we design and map the key stage of the marketing cycle.  We drill down to identify to what needs to happen at each stage for a lead to progress through the funnel and what measures are needed to give the business visibility into the status of marketing leads, the impact on the sales pipeline and revenue targets.   

In additional we turn new lenses onto how our clients are addressing campaign management - where is there room for automation, what measures should be in place and how can we fully analyse the return on investment?  And then we find a way to make it work in reality.  Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM we map the marketing process into the technology, we design automated campaign management solutions and we create the KPI dashboards, reports and analytics that bring end-to-end transparency to the marketing cycle.

Making it happen with Storm

Our team of CRM consultants understand marketing.  They have real-life experience in the modern world of marketing and know how to help organisations along the pathway towards a more managed, metrics driven marketing culture.  Here's some of key areas that we focus.

  • Marketing and sales alignment
  • Marketing process design
  • Marketing funnel management and metrics
  • Campaign management and automation
  • Data analytics, funnel and campaign reporting
  • Marketing solution implementation
  • User adoption and training

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