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Good sales processes deliver great sales results

If you scratch below the surface of most really great sales organisations often you will find that there is a common theme that underpins their on-going success.  You might be surprised to learn that it's not the pedigree of their sales talent or the revolutionary impact of their product that drives their sustainable growth but rather it's the rigour and robustness behind their sales process and management approach that makes them repeatable successful.

It's a simple fact that the better the sales process, the better the sales management then the better the sales results.

Transforming the theory into action

At Storm our role is to help our clients bring together the people, processes and technologies needed to create a really great and sustainable sales organisation.  Where we start is with getting under the cover of our clients' businesses to understand the buying process, how decisions get made and what needs to happen to ensure the sales cycle is a smooth path rather than a bumpy journey. 

Working in tandem with our clients we design effective sales processes with clear stages and tangible verifiable outcomes that need to happen in order for a lead to progress through the sales cycle to a deal closed.  We then map out those processes, designing workflows that with strike the perfect balance between task automation and the buyer’s experience. We scope out the key metrics and measures that management need to drill into at each stage of the cycle to understand how the pipeline is progressing and identify if corrective action needs to be taken.  Then we bring it all to life in Microsoft Dynamics CRM – mapping the processes, automating the tasks, creating the metrics, dashboards, KPIs and reports.

Partnering with Storm

We have a team of business and sales savvy consultants who have worked with blue-chip companies across multiple sector helping design and implement game-changing sales processes and management approaches.  We can bring real value to your business and here are some of the areas our consultants focus on:-

  • Sales process design and redesign
  • Sales metrics and measures
  • Sales process automation
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Sales forecasting and reporting 
  • Performance management and corrective strategies
  • Solution implementation
  • User adoption and training
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