[Webinar Series] Future-Proofing M365 & Teams Adoption with Advanced Governance

Storm Technology has teamed up with AvePoint to bring you a two-part webinar series designed to help re-focus technology efforts, this time to address the ungoverned data and technology sprawl associated with the rapid adoption of remote-working.

The author of this page: Brianna Bracken
Brianna Bracken, Marketing Executive Oct 27, 2020

To help guide organisations as they tackle the challenges presented by the rapid transition to remote work and seek to re-gain control of data governance Conall O'Kane from Storm Technology has teamed up with AvePoint's Stephen Hennessy to bring you a two-part webinar series, designed to help your organisation rethink its governance strategy.

[Webinar] Navigating Data Risk, Privacy & Governance on Microsoft 365

Tuesday 27th Oct | 11:00-11am (GMT)

The first of our two-part webinar series explores the impact of rapid Microsoft 365 adoption and the data, privacy, and governance risks that companies need to consider, whether returning to the office or rolling out a hybrid workplace environment going forward.

During this session we will;

  • Take a look into lessons learned and the impact of Covid-19 on Privacy and Governance

  • Address some of the challenges faced by IT in the new business landscape

  • Tips and tools on how to empower IT and Information Management, teams

[Webinar] Take Control of Content, Data & Growth on MS Teams

Tuesday 3rd Nov | 11:00-11am (GMT)

Focusing in on MS Teams the second of our two-part webinar series takes a look beyond the native governance features of Teams, to empower your IT Department to take back control of content and data growth while mitigating the risks and non-compliance-issues associated with technology sprawl.

During this session we will;

  • Walkthrough the native governance capabilities within MS Teams

  • Discuss how to scale IT workload with smart automation

  • Enhance policy enforcement without risking user adoption

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