[Webinar] Help Your Team Achieve A Hypervelocity State

Join Storm for a webinar on Thursday 12th August at 11 am (GMT) to discover the processes and tools required to stay ahead of the curve and achieve a hypervelocity state.

The author of this page: Brianna Bracken
Brianna Bracken, Marketing Executive Aug 12, 2021

To truly thrive, businesses need to continually demonstrate a competitive edge - to lead technology change and position themselves for success. This means giving your employees the tools, solutions and platforms they need to adjust to a more agile way of working.

For a lot of businesses, change is synonymous with risk. But, as innovators and entrepreneurs will openly state, risk brings opportunity. The key, however, lies in mitigating risk.

When it comes to company IT, as soon as things like cloud migration, digital acceleration, and change management are mentioned, those that are comfortable with how things are currently will opt to keep everything the same. The trouble is, sticking to legacy practices won’t help businesses grow. It won’t improve productivity or efficiency. It won’t attract new talent to an organisation.

During this session, Microsoft Azure evangelists John Tallon and David Rodrigues will explore how MS Azure can supercharge your IT department and empower your team to achieve a hypervelocity state. Topics covered include:

  • Discover what a 'hypervelocity' state is and learn what kind of processes and tools are required to achieve it.

  • Better understand the benefits of modern application development practices and MS Azure.

  • Overcomes internal resistance and build a business case modernising your existing tools and processes.

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