[Webinar] Combatting the Great Resignation

Join Storm on Wednesday 4th May at 11:00 am as we explore how Microsoft solutions can help you strengthen business culture, connect employees across the globe, and promote a greater sense of wellbeing within your organisation.

The author of this page: Conor Reynolds
Conor Reynolds, Marketing Intern May 04, 2022

Coined the Great Resignation, companies across the globe are reporting a talent crisis, however, in contrast to the talent crisis of 2008 people are no longer competing for jobs; companies are competing for people. In fact, according to a global workforce survey conducted by Microsoft, 41% are considering resigning from their current roles, while recruitment platform Monster is reporting that 95% of workers are actively considering a job change. 

Employees are tired, seeking purpose and connection. This means that for organisations that can tap into the very human desire for belonging and meaningful interactions, opportunity exists to attract and retain top talent across all sectors.  

Join Storm as we explore how Microsoft’s leading business solutions can help you strengthen business culture, connect employees across the globe and promote a greater sense of well-being in our upcoming webinar “Combatting the Great Resignation”.

During this session, our speakers will

  • Discuss the role of culture and technology in combating the Great Resignation 

  • Showcase the Microsoft tools, you may already be paying for that can help re-enforce purpose and culture (Yammer, SharePoint, Teams) 

  • Explore how Microsoft Viva supports employee well-being  

  • Share tips & tricks to help you drive user adoption and manage cultural change

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