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A major tipping point for the digital workplace transformation, Covid-19 has changed the way employees around the globe are working day-to-day. This rise in remote working presents fresh business challenges, with our four-part webinar series designed to address some of the most common of these business challenges.

The author of this page: Roisin McLaughlin
Roisin McLaughlin, Marketing Director Apr 14, 2020

Just four weeks ago Google's decision to ask its Irish based team to work remotely for two days due to Covid-19 dominated the headlines, today remote working has become the reality for almost all office based Irish workers. A major tipping point for digital workplace transformation, Covid-19 has seen the rise in the adoption of remote working tools, with MS Teams reporting an increase in daily active users of 110% in just 4 months as employees across the globe adapt to the new world of work.

Despite the potential, the challenge now for companies is no longer to simply become familiar with MS Teams, but to leverage the solution to support collaboration, productivity and business sustainability going forward.

To help organisations​ address this challenge and maximise investment in MS Teams while supporting business continuity and growth, we asked solution experts from our Teams, Modern Workplace and User Adoption practices to address some of our customers most commonly asked questions surrounding MS Teams. The result a four part webinar series designed to help your organisation achieve more during Covid-19 and beyond.​

Episode 1: Taking Corporate and Crisis Comms to the next Level with MS Teams

From crisis comms to day-to-day company updates, gain insight into how MS Teams can be leveraged to deliver an effective comms strategy with topics covered including;

  • A look at the MS Crisis Template and its integration with MS Teams for instant updates and key company messaging

  • Mastering the virtual town hall with MS Teams

  • Avoiding communication breakdown with tips, tricks and communication etiquette for the digital workplace

Episode 2: Maximising Productivity on Collaborative Projects

Discover how to successfully run collaborative projects on MS Teams through effective document management and best practice set up of teams on the platform, including;

  • ​A brief walkthrough of MS Teams as a collaborative platform for group projects

  • Laying the foundations for project success with information architecture

  • Managing documents effectively on MS Teams from co-authoring to version control and lots in-between​

Episode 3: Effective Remote Meeting Management

Get more out of remote meetings by exploring the MS Teams features & functionality that can enhance your meeting experience. During this webinar we will discuss;

  • The meeting features that can take your remote meetings to the next level

  • Meeting house keeping tips to make every meeting minute count!

  • Governance of meeting documents and minutes

Episode 4: Future-Proofing MS Teams Adoption

Understand how the use of Teams can benefit your workplace beyond the current climate by enforcing governance and building a solid foundation for continued change management with topics including;

  • ​​Best practice guidelines to support document and Teams governance

  • Change management for sustainable system adoption

  • How to deliver training remotely and tips for up skilling​ employees during Covid-19

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