[Free Webinar] Streamlining the Month-End Reporting Process

The larger the company, the more divisions it has, the more complicated and time consuming Month End reports can be. That is why it is important for enterprises to have a solid step-by-step process to follow in order to ensure data integrity.

The author of this page: Deirdre Lysaght
Deirdre Lysaght, Marketing Executive Apr 29, 2021

Month-end reporting is crucial to get a detailed and accurate picture of a company’s transactions for a specified period of time. Preparing these reports takes time, and often involves a number of challenges that need to be overcome before accurate information can be relied upon for strategic business decisions

With all or a majority of their reports built with Solver Reporting, organisations typically find that they can complete 80% of their analysis and reporting, with 20% of the effort previously required.

Join Storm Technology on Thursday 29th April 2021 (11-11.45am GMT) for a deep dive into the role of CPM software in reducing the month-end reporting cycle, improving financial control, and providing scalability for growth.

During this session we will examine;

  • Overcoming Challenges in Month End Reports.

  • The Trends Predicted for Monthly Reporting.

  • The Latest Best Practices Behind the Monthly Reporting Process.

  • 4 Steps to Driving Performance Using KPIs in Monthly Executive Financial Review Meeting.

  • Live Q&A

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