4 Benefits of D365 for HR

Human resources departments and teams have begun turning towards new technologies to streamline their processes and realize efficiencies. With the market for talent management tools set to grow by 13%, it is important for HR departments to tap into the benefits that HR technology can deliver.

The author of this page: Conor Reynolds
Conor Reynolds, Marketing Intern Dec 13, 2021

According to G2 Crowd, 80% of HR professionals believe that incorporating HR technologies into their processes improves employee attitude towards the company, while 57% of HR employees strongly agree that employee engagement initiatives will help their company retain productive staff. Dynamics 365 for Human Resources (D365 for HR) is a state of the art technology solution which simplifies the HR process and helps you to engage with your teams in a better way. It is a single integrated system and can manage all aspects of human resources, allowing employees and managers to communicate seamlessly.

Below are 4 benefits of D365 HR which we believe will help elevate your business to new heights of success through creating a well-rounded experience for your workforce.

Rise in Productivity

With self-service portals for employees and managers, D365 for HR can greatly improve productivity within a business. Through the use of these portals, employees can quickly and easily enter their own attendances, absences, activities, travel expenses and receipts. Similarly managers can approve leave, transfers and carry out other tasks such as checking employee availability, accessing ad hoc reports and co-operating with other managers in the recruitment process. As all of this can be done without the need to consult the HR department, this reduces the time spent on completing administrative tasks and frees up time for employees to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Also, integration with Microsoft Active Directory ensures the passwords for these portals are the same as the employees windows accounts. The login is of course secure and encrypted.

Added Value to your Company

The productivity gains mentioned above will allow your company to focus more on value add tasks. Another area in which the platform can add value is in improved integration between systems and departments.

D365 HR can be integrated with existing systems to reduce complexity. For example, sales commissions can be processed in D365 for Sales and then can be processed in the HR solution. D365 for HR can also add value to the recruitment process by adding the Microsoft Dynamics HR module. This helps in finding and engaging with suitable candidates, and in governing the end-to-end recruiting experience. It also enables collaboration between different sections of a HR team in working on shared projects to recruit the best talents.

Increased Staff Motivation

Staff motivation is also increased due to a reduction in repetitive manual processes and the volume of paperwork required. The automation of processes can increase motivation amongst staff as they do not need to worry about administrative issues.

In addition, the system helps motivate employees by providing progress tracking of performance and business goals within the platform. Progress and accomplishments can be tracked by managers ensuring early identification of potential employee frustrations or issues.

D365 for HR also allows for easy upskilling of employees as their growth can be encouraged through training and development tracking. This will add value to the company in the long-term as employees will see a pathway for progression and strive to meet targets. The platform also enables managers to identify issues and take immediate action to optimise team impact.

Employee Retention

Employees expect the same level of technology in work as they have in their private life. D365 provides this experience as employees can access information at any time, on any device. With this added layer of connectivity, employees are likely to feel more valued by a company. Employees can also be encouraged to promote themselves with universal profiles that showcase their skill-sets. D365 for HR also provides a portal which aligns employees competencies with their career aspirations and this can lead to opportunities for promotions within the company.

If you would like to learn more about how Dynamics 365 for Human Resources can benefit your organisation, get in touch today to speak to one of our specialists.

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