4 Key Benefits of Power Apps

With a 20.44% increase in companies using Power Apps in the last 12 months, many business leaders are realising the potential of the cloud-based application delivery platform. Below we discuss the value of Power Apps and four key benefits they can deliver to your organisation.

The author of this page: Conor Reynolds
Conor Reynolds, Marketing Intern Feb 03, 2022

For many business leaders, building a fully functional app to solve business challenges is appealing. With Microsoft Power Apps, applications can be developed with no-code or very little code to drive efficiencies in an organisation. This gives organisations the ability to make work simpler, more efficient and more productive. Below we delve into this deeper.

Rapid Solutions to Business Challenges

Power Apps is a great tool that can often be overlooked by IT departments when trying to find solutions to business challenges. With Power Apps, organisations can build custom apps and API’s to create more user-friendly and efficient ways to perform day to day tasks. As Power Apps is available with an Office 365 subscription, this allows for the integration of different types of apps across a range of different platforms. These apps can also be made in a number of days or less due to its low-code approach to app development. This means that even non-technical staff can create simple apps, although when designing apps for complex challenges, it is best to consult with your technology partner first. Once your organisation identifies tasks that take longer than they should, you can then begin the process of automating such tasks, making them more efficient and saving you time.

Centralisation and Governance of All Solutions

Another benefit of Power Apps is that they help solve the challenges organisations face with Shadow Apps and Shadow IT. These are apps that are built within an organisation that is not officially supported and may violate company policy and introduce unforeseen risk to your organisation. To negate the issue of Shadow Apps, organisations can introduce a Power Platform centre of excellence that enables citizen developers to create apps while still providing a level of governance that protects the interests of your company. This is because Power Platform admins have full visibility of every solution that is developed and shared through the Power Platform excellence centre. Admins can also set up alerts or mitigation actions to ensure that all apps developed adhere to company policy.

Data Integration

Typically, stitching together information across the various Dynamics 365 applications can be quite difficult. However, with Power Apps, integrating your data across all Dynamics platforms has become much easier. This is thanks to the fact that no code is required to use the data integration platform within Power Apps and this makes stitching the data within each application less complicated. Data integration includes built-in templates that allow you to quickly and easily create integrations. You can transform this data to fit your needs through customizing and creating your own templates. The Data Integrator Platform also allows you to utilize Power Query for advanced filtering and transformation of data. The 3 main advantages include easy importation and exportation of data, pre-defined templates, and customization of mapping and manipulation of data.

Mobile Ready

You can create fully responsive mobile apps using the same data sources from desktops so that you can access Power Apps from any device, anytime anywhere. Thanks to the easy-to-use interface of Power Apps and its common connectors it is now easier than ever to create a mobile version of the same data that is already used by desktops. This solves the business challenge of employees only being able to view data once at their desks. Typically this issue would arise due to cluttered interfaces which are worthless on Androids and iPhones, but Power Apps has proven to be the answer to the problem.

If you would like to learn more about how your organisation can benefit from Power Apps, get in touch today.

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