5 Reasons to Use Kubernetes

Kubernetes is one of those technologies that has risen rapidly to prominence with barely a whisper, emerging as the developers’ friend with a powerful and supportive Open Source community behind it.

The author of this page: David Rodrigues
David Rodrigues, Azure Solution Architect Mar 03, 2022

For non-techies, it’s one of those platforms that remain mysterious, starting with its odd name and its lack of presence outside the software engineering world. But the benefits for an organisation are real and extensive – and thanks largely to the Open Source community, Kubernetes will continue to grow in both power and capability.

Let’s start with that name: Kubernetes comes from an ancient Greek word meaning “helmsman/pilot”, someone who steers a ship like a container ship, hence the ship wheel logo.

The technology came out of Google into the Open Source community and has now been adopted by software developers all over the world, including Microsoft since they joined the Open Source movement.

What is Kubernetes? Put simply, it is a computer hosting cloud platform that enables applications to be hosted within containers. This enables developers to focus on developing the apps themselves, without the need to spend much time on the hosting side of application development.

Kubernetes' power comes from its popularity amongst developers: more and more features and capabilities are continually built and shared with the community in a way that simply wouldn’t happen with a closed source platform.

Like most emerging technology, start-ups were the first to adopt Kubernetes, but now more and more large enterprises have begun to take note. Realising its ability to empower developers and the role such technologies play in talent attraction and retention.

Here are the five key reasons you should be using Kubernetes:

Empower your developers:

In today’s highly competitive landscape, talent acquisition has taken centre stage in many boardroom discussions. Empowering developers with the latest technologies is crucial to attracting top talent, and as a tool loved by developers, Kubernetes can help your organisation remain competitive. Despite a steep learning curve, Kubernetes has become a key tool for developers, enabling them to build their technical expertise in a supportive environment, and develop innovative applications free from common hosting constraints.

Open-Source Community:

As mentioned previously, Kubernetes benefits from a large and energetic community of developers, technical experts who are continually developing new features and functionality – and then sharing them with everyone else. It is this popularity that has made Kubernetes so successful, allowing developers to tap into community knowledge.

Community on each of the development stacks has written an extensive array of Kubernetes controllers, that helm the cluster navigate infrastructure around it and supports many types of applications and development practices.

Portability and Flexibility:

For larger organisations, the portability and flexibility offered by Kubernetes has become a key driver for adoption. Once an app has been containerised, it can be run in Kubernetes clusters on any cloud platform i.e. Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud. The app doesn’t change, wherever it is, and is almost 100% portable with no code changes, even in on-premises servers. Because it can be used across all types of infrastructure and environment configurations, it is highly adaptable with strong diagnostic and tracing tools.

Performance Optimisations:

Migrating on-premise applications through Kubernetes produces better performance than using Virtual Machines.


This comes back to its Open Source popularity, and the transparency of these projects, where everything is developed in the open, and the fact that companies such as Microsoft have embraced Open Source, a necessary move that has helped to grow Kubernetes.

At Storm, we have a strong team of Kubernetes experts who can support your developers to deploy their apps in Kubernetes, enabling your organisation to modernise their code and apps, lower the security risk and build for future growth.

We have expertise in designing infrastructure on Azure, including Infrastructure as Code, as well as an extensive portfolio of application modernization, for further details on how your organisation can benefit from Kubernetes, contact us today.

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