5 Ways to Create a Modern Workplace

The modern workplace by its very nature is continually evolving and has come a long way in recent decades. Technology transformed it. The pandemic then made it pivot. Staff expectations now shape it. That's not to mention that the modern workplace needs to support business objectives and be scalable to meet customer needs or company growth.

The author of this page: Roisin McLaughlin
Roisin McLaughlin, Marketing Director Feb 22, 2024

In other words, the modern workplace is a concoction of all of these different factors and elements - each one tailored for the individual organisation, if not tailored for each individual within the organisation. What is certain and true for every company in any industry is that the modern workplace needs to help drive team, customer and business success.

Delving deeper into these areas and what’s driving the modern workplace, our recent research of more than 100 IT leaders and decision-makers in larger companies and enterprise across Ireland found that the leading factor for workplace modernisation was enabling productivity (60%).

This was followed by optimising operational processes (58%), driving business growth (52%), enhancing service deliver/customer service (52%), delivering better employee experience (45%), and improving security, governance and compliance (41%).

Embracing Digital Transformation to Modernise The Workplace

In other words, there are many reasons businesses are – and should be – leveraging technologies and strategies to transform and optimise how they operate. With those in mind, here are 5 ways you can create a modern workplace…


With productivity ranking as the top driver of workplace modernisation, you need to ensure you are streamlining processes to help people be more productive and efficient. Our study found that the biggest productivity blocker was relying on manual processes – cited by 53% of respondents. This is despite an array of solutions, underpinned by Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), which can enhance and accelerate processes in the modern workplace. Power Platform for example can enable you to automate workflows, synchronize files and connect apps or services. By simplifying these processes in the modern workplace, people can complete tasks more effectively and efficiently, thus boosting productivity and performance.


If a lack of effective IT solutions is stifling workplace productivity for your organisation, as it is for 42% of enterprises, you need to deploy business solutions that bring digital innovation and operations together within the modern workplace. Using modern cloud-based applications like Azure, D365 Customer Engagement Suite and D365 Business Central allows you to better manage applications, deliver customer service excellence and create business transparency, enabling your organisation to work faster and smarter. In turn, this will boost productivity within your team and strengthen the profitability of your business, while future-proofing your operations.


Nowadays, companies have access to so much data, but many are not capitalising on its value or using it to make smarter business decisions. Deploying data visualization software like Power BI within the modern workplace can establish a data-driven culture underpinned by real-time, AI-powered insights for your company.  As well as creating data-rich dashboards and integrating information, Power BI means that your team can share and collaborate in a way that empowers decision-making, identifies opportunities and pre-empts potential risks.  As a result, your business will be better informed, more agile and – if done right – more successful.


Having the right technologies and services is crucial to realising the benefits of the modern workplace, including for your employees. If equipped with the right tools and skills, your people can work more effectively not only in terms of their own tasks but also in more business-critical objectives such as service delivery and company growth. The digitisation and automation of processes and tasks will support this. However, you also need to provide people with the flexibility and knowledge to take advantage of such approaches.


Of course, remaining agile is key. You can’t afford to be static, otherwise your business will be left behind. By regularly and continually assessing the performance of these technologies and adapting what’s not working, you can deliver both immediate results and long-term value. It’s vital to keep your objectives and requirements in mind throughout this process to ensure that the solutions and strategies you implement are aligning with and helping you to achieve these.

Whether your objective is to improve service delivery for customers or better support a hybrid workforce for your staff, technology plays a pivotal role in the modern workplace. That’s why leveraging the expertise of leaders in modern workplace technologies, including RPA and AI, can prove useful. With our experience, your business can be productive, innovative and competitive.

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