Solver Puts End Users in the Driving Seat

Faster and better decision-making is the key driver of your organisation’s growth and success. With all your important financial and operational data easily accessible in a single solution, managers can quickly access the information they need to analyse past performances and make better predictions about future results and opportunities.

The author of this page: Deirdre Lysaght
Deirdre Lysaght, Marketing Executive Dec 01, 2020

Built for the modern business team, Solver enables better-informed business decisions with greater speed. Now you can put your end users in the driver’s seat with direct and secure self-service access to the information that drives your business. Power up the most flexible report and budget form designer on the market to solve your unique reporting and planning needs and break free from manual and error-prone Excel processes.

Many organisations use Solver to automate financial reporting, consolidation, analysis, budgeting and forecasting processes and it empowers users with complete insight that drives intelligent decisions and delivers a competitive advantage.

Solver comes with capabilities and functionalities that allow the analysis of data from multiple data sources. This data is stored in a data warehouse and allows users to visualise trends, generate reports in any format you require while diving down to the smallest details. Companies utilising Solver have the ability to create effective business plans, schedules and execute budgets and drive growth to optimum levels.

What can Solver CPM do for my business?


Solver provides modern and dynamic reporting with out-of-the-box integration with ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It provides powerful financial and operational reporting capabilities in a variety of layout and presentation formats.


Solver CPM provides organisations with complete data entry interface to capture strategies, goals, budgets, forecast and simulation of what-if scenarios. It also comes complete with workflow for easy management minus the typical tedious implementation process.


Solver’s dashboards unify your people and data as it allows you to visualize trends and identify issues at a quick glance. The real-time dashboard allows your team to access, discuss and share insights from the dashboard analysis. This allows you to make better decisions to drive productivity across your organisation.

Data Warehouse

Solver’s data warehouse is a next-generation, pre-configured data warehouse based on Microsoft SQL Server platform that can integrate either some or all of your transactional data sources into one single BI database. The data warehouse enables all your data to be used for consolidated reporting and analysis.

To learn more about Solver, read our case study with CCS Cleaning.

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