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The author of this page: Roisin McLaughlin
Roisin McLaughlin, Marketing Director Sep 24, 2020

Identifying, hiring and nurturing the right kind of talent can have a transformational impact on productivity and business success. Yet finding, employing and retaining people with the skills and aptitude to drive the business forward can prove challenging, a problem compounded by skills shortages and growing competition for talent.

Let's discuss three key trends that will continue to shape recruitment in 2020;

Social Media Recruitment

As our addiction to mobile technology continues to grow, forward-thinking HR managers know that the next wave of suitable candidates is most likely to come through a mobile device. Consumer technology is becoming increasingly intuitive and user-friendly, with candidates expecting the same capabilities from the tech they use to find an employer. Social media sites such as Linkedin continue to bridge this gap, empowering both passive and active job seeks to browse vacancies on-demand and empowering rapid two-click application for roles of interest.

Expanding reach through the inclusion of passive job seekers, social recruitment has been shown to deliver significant bottom-line benefits including a 33% jump in time to hire and a 49% increase in the quality of candidates. Dynamics 365 Human Resources pairs with Linkedin Talent Hub to help you stand out in a competitive marketplace, placing your team firmly in control of your recruitment and hiring processes. Enabling you to identify, engage, shortlist, interview and hire the right people for your organisation.

Internal Recruitment

With intellectual capital costly to replace and competition for top performers at an all-time high, more and more organisations are set to refocus their internal recruitment strategy to complement external recruitment. To do this organisations need first to develop a deep understanding of existing skills and capabilities, to pinpoint top performers and those with high potential. Internal recruitment is about more than just finding talent, it is about keeping great employees with improved retention, productivity and morale the leading benefits cited by HR and hiring professionals. Results from the 2020 Linkedin Global Talent Trends Report show internal recruitment improves retention by 81% while accelerating new hire productivity by 69% and the hiring process by 63%.

To help organisations realise the potential within their existing workforce, D365 Human Resources empowers employees to take control of their career development with smart self-service tools such as performance journals and learning and development tracking. Universal profiles enable employees to showcase their skills, aligning competencies with their unique career goals arming HR leaders with the insights required to realise the benefits of internal recruitment including promotions and lateral movement.


More a recruiting must-have than a trend, diversity is an essential component of any organisations recruitment strategy ensuring compliance with employment regulations and aligning customer service with the diverse requirements of the community within which your business operates. As the demographic profile shifts to incorporate a growing percentage of Millennials and Gen Z expectations around diversity and inclusion continue to rise. Failure to be inclusive not only send the wrong message to potential candidates its impacts can be felt on productivity and bottom-line business outcomes. A diverse workforce can provide greater diversity of perspective when it comes to problem solving and creative solutions.

With embedded analytics and a holistic view of the entire employee lifecycle, D365 Human Resources provides HR staff with detailed employee insights, enabling them to and nurture diversity across the organisation.

Be sure to join us for our next D365 Human Resources blog post where we will explore how D365 Human Resources can help you accelerate your new hires' success.

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