Boost Productivity with Electronic Content Management

As more and more companies transition towards a hybrid working environment and the volume of business information and data required to compete continues to grow exponentially, a robust information management strategy is essential to harness the true potential of your employees.

The author of this page: Roisin McLaughlin
Roisin McLaughlin, Marketing Director Dec 07, 2020

From marketing materials to sales contracts, invoices to CV's from prospective employees, your organisation regardless of size, is churning out vast quantities of content daily. And while the creation of this content may be simple, ensuring this content is secure, archived correctly, and accessible to the right people at the right time is no small task.

A systematic approach to document capture, management, storage and indexing an Enterprise Content Management solution provides a central repository for unstructured business data. A correctly implemented and managed cloud-based solution ensures adequate governance and document control while providing on-demand access, putting the right information in the hands of the right employees on time regardless of geographic location.

For many IT Professionals, justifying the investment in ECM to the board can prove challenging, with the system often working to support front-end and core solutions rather than showing direct benefits. To help overcome this hurdle, we share 4 of the most common benefits of an ECM.

Reduce Operating Costs

Consider the costs of manual content and document management, from the hard costs such as physical equipment or storage space to the soft costs such as labour hours required to manage and adhere to data protection regulations, and manual record-keeping is costly. In fact, your organisation may be wasting thousands of euro each month, without fully realising it. With scalable, cost-effective cloud storage and through the creation of workflows and automation, your team can virtually eliminate these costs with the help of a cloud-based ECM.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

From data protection legislation to industry codes of conduct, every organisation regardless of size has a series of standards of compliance they must maintain. Leveraging the power of ECM your organisation can take the guesswork out of document compliance with pre-defined access controls, tailored workflows and audit trails.

Maximise Collaboration

From cross-departmental collaboration to remote working, sharing documents across teams and locations is a common task in any company. And while cloud or email tools make this process easier than ever before, a consequence of these new ways of collaborating is an increased risk of inadvertently sharing confidential documents or unauthorised changes to critical files. A centralised repository for company documents, an ECM provides organisations with the ability to tightly control who can access certain files and the permissions these users have when it comes to editing a file.

With an ECM, several users can work on the same document in a single environment, where all changes are controlled, and version history enables the rapid rollback in the event of an error. Rather than exchanging emails and working off multiple versions of the same file, an ECM ensures all users are guaranteed to be working on the correct and latest version of the document.

Increase Productivity

Have you ever considered the amount of time wasted each month searching through unstructured data? Recent data published by Small Business Trends, 82% of employees across both small and large organisations alike believe poor information management hurts their productivity.

Importing documents automatically, and cataloguing unstructured data to streamline data retrieval. This results in productivity improvements that can be observed both internally and externally. Staff can instantly access the documents they need while customers benefit from reduced response time and enhanced customer service experiences.

An intuitive solution for the management of unstructured business data an ECM transforms business processes to harness the full potential of your employees, assets and data.

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