Building Resilience Through Azure Cloud Migration

Operating within a mobile and socially connected world, businesses must align operations with evolving customer expectations, to deliver always-on connectivity across multiple platforms and locations. To build resilience in this rapidly evolving business landscape many organisations are turning to the cloud, to realise both short and long-term security, technical, operational and financial benefits.

The author of this page: Roisin McLaughlin
Roisin McLaughlin, Marketing Director Nov 16, 2020

For many organisations across Ireland, Covid-19 has forced a shift in operations, as companies pivoted in order to serve customers, employees and partners exclusively via digital channels. Delivering streamlined IT operations, increased flexibility and reduced costs, cloud migration is rapidly emerging as a strategy of choice for organisations seeking to build resilience in light of continued business uncertainty.

Achieving resilience requires unwavering trust, confidence in your organisations IT infrastructure both today and in the face of emerging business opportunity and challenge. Built on trust, the Azure cloud approach to trust is based on five foundational principals; security, compliance, privacy, resilience and intellectual property (IP) protection. This combined with the integrity and reputation of Microsoft as a leading business solutions provider has led to many organisations turning to Azure cloud services to support business operations going forward.

So, how do you confidently build resilience and prepare for growth at scale with cloud migration? Microsoft's latest guide helps your business do just covering key considerations including;

  • IT Cost Optimisation.

    Manage your cloud spending and focus on what matters most to your business with tools and resources designed to help you forecast your bill, optimise workload costs and control your spending quickly and easily.

  • Maintaining Resilience Across Hybrid Environments

    Empower your security team to better protect employees, customers and resources regardless of their location with intelligent tools and a secure platform.

  • Scale Applications & Infrastructure on Demand

    Be ready for anything and ensure your applications perform at their best in line with changing demands without compromise thanks to intuitive scaling on demand.

Find out more about how to boost business resilience with practical advice and resources for achieving resilience through cloud migration with our free eBook, "Cloud Migration: A Guide to Building Resilience".

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