Challenges of IT Recruitment

With a global employee turnover rate of 18.3% within the technology industry, competition for top talent is at an all-time high.

The author of this page: Conor Reynolds
Conor Reynolds, Marketing Intern May 26, 2022

In today's blog post we explore just some of the challenges of IT recruitment in 2022 and how Team Augmentation may support your organisation in achieving your business goals.

Finding Qualified Candidates

The Covid-19 pandemic has driven a significant rise in Digital Transformation across all sectors, which in turn has seen demand for tech roles double in the last year alone. With an unemployment rate for IT workers at about 3% matching this demand for qualified candidates can prove a challenge.

Matching the right candidate in terms of industry experience, cultural fit and proven business acumen is essential. Not being able to plug the skills gap can lead to organisations trying to upskill existing employees and stretching existing resources with even bigger workloads. While this may offer a short term fix, in the long term this can result in burnout as employees become stretched, without the capacity to complete all of the work that is required, ultimately having a negative impact on retention rates.

Communication Gaps

Another challenge to consider when recruiting IT employees lies in the differences between traditional business and technology recruitment. With a very technical range of skills, opening dialogue with potential candidates is often best handled by someone from your IT department. Again adding to the pressure already on such resources.

To overcome this challenge consider having someone with an IT background in your recruitment team or outsourcing such recruitment to a dedicated IT recruitment specialist.

Rapidly Evolving Technology Requirements

With the technology industry changing rapidly it can be difficult for your organisation to keep up to date with the latest technologies and what the next wave of technology disruption will mean for your organisation.

Employees best equipt to solve today's business challenges, may not have the expertise needed to deal with another challenge further down the line. Technology talent must therefore not only have a willingness to upskill but also access to the latest technologies and peers using such technologies.

How Team Augmentation Can Help

A contract-based outsourcing service meant to complement your in-house team with external expertise, Team Augmentation is rapidly becoming a tool of choice in the IT Managers' toolkit. By providing your team with access to a pool of highly skilled technologies, Team Augmentation provides a more flexible approach to team scaling and reduces the strain on the organisation's HR department.

Unlike traditional technology outsourcing, Team Augmentation focuses on building your internal team in a scalable manner, with the contracted resource working as part of your existing team, sharing insights and knowledge to help grow internal capabilities and providing instant access to a wider pool solution and technology expertise.

To learn how Team Augmentation can help your organisation, check out our blog post "What Technology Resourcing Can Do For Your Business".

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