Are Change Blockers Holding Your Business Back?

What are the change blockers that hold you back from a successful business transformation? Storm's Head of Change Management, Catherine Finn shares her insights.

The author of this page: Catherine Finn
Catherine Finn, Head of Change Management Jun 29, 2021

There are many barriers to successful change. Vital business projects can easily be derailed unless you are alert to potential problems that can beset even the most carefully crafted strategic plan.

These problems can begin even before a change initiative is kicked off if the right motivation and purpose are not in place or half-hearted buy-in from management.

While variances exist, some of the most frequently encountered change blockers include;

  • The value of change management is not seen to be as tangible as technology change.

  • Decision-makers questioning the need for change, particularly with regards to cost.

  • People not understanding the value and importance that comes with a successful implementation of the project.

  • Inertia: it’s easier to do nothing than plan for change.

  • Time and resource constraints lead to leaders believing that it would be simpler and cheaper to train people rather than go through a change management process

  • Leaders who are not bought into the programme, leading to employees not getting on board.

  • Due to fear of the unknown, resistance to change, fear of leaving their comfort zone, or fears of job losses.

  • Lack of trust.

There are several key ways to avoid these change blockers.

  • Listening to people and observing how they are responding is vital. See who responds to meeting requests or attends the meetings (or avoid them). Watch their body language and notice signs of reluctance or resistance to change. Engage with them to assuage their fears.

  • Take small steps, particularly in the early stages.

  • Use constant measurement and celebration of progress to help staff see that their efforts are paying off.

There is a view that Change Management consultants are only valuable if they join at the start of the journey, but, at Storm, we often come in at a later stage when companies see that there are struggling. We triage and look retrospectively at the activities to understand how to put a project back on track, using insights and data.

Our Change Management practice can be applied to all types of business transformation, including structural, organisational and cultural change. We partner and coach businesses to develop a change mindset that provides long-term value.

To find out more about Storm Technology can help optimise ongoing or upcoming projects with Change Management, speak to a member of our team today.

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