Community in the Hybrid Workplace

As organisations adopt hybrid and remote working, we explore the importance of community and share some tips to help strengthen workplace connections.

The author of this page: Roisin McLaughlin
Roisin McLaughlin, Marketing Director Sep 23, 2022

For many of us remote working either full or part-time has been a welcome addition to our working lives, reducing the cost and time drain associated with commuting and allowing individuals to strike a new work-life balance. But despite the positives, the rise of remote working has left many searching for the sense of community found in the traditional office setting.

Re-establishing this sense of community or connection will be paramount for those organisations seeking to not only attract and retain talent in today's competitive landscape but those looking to create a solid foundation for future growth.

Why Does Connection Matter?

Often overlooked, connection is one of the most crucial components in building a productive and efficient workplace.

Neuroscience indicates that as humans we are hardwired to seek connections with others. And while the level and degree of connection required may vary amongst individuals, studies reveal that a lack of connection can be more harmful to your health than obesity, smoking high blood pressure.

In prehistoric times this enabled humans to build communities, with these communities essential to ensure survival. Today while the immediate risks may have changed, our brain's inherent need for connection remains a fact brought to the fore for many in the wake of lockdowns.

Connection in the Workplace

People with good workplace connections are shown to be happier, less stressed, more engaged and ultimately more loyal to the workplace.

Where employees who feel a strong connection to the work they do and the team they work with, they will show higher levels of performance and a greater sense of purpose. Connected teams show higher levels of collaboration, stronger working relationships and increased knowledge sharing.

Similarly where an employee connects with an upcoming project, their enthusiasm for the project can often prove contagious, helping spark excitement in the wider team and helping drive the project through to completion.

Fostering Community / Connection in the Modern Workplace

The rapid adoption of remote and hybrid working has for many organisations led to an erosion of workplace connection and community. As they settle into the new status quo, many have begun to turn their attention inwards. Seeking to re-establish the sense of community that served their business well in a pre-pandemic environment.

Tools such as Microsoft Viva Connections, an enhanced version of the popular Yammer Communities app can help organisations realise this objective. With a communities hub, and personalised home page, Viva Connections helps employees connect over shared interests on a platform that has a similar feel to the day to day social networking channels they use day to day, all backed by the security and reliability expected from a Microsoft business solution.

To find out more about how Viva Connections can help your team foster a greater sense of community and connection in the hybrid world, get in touch with our Modern Workplace solutions specialists today.

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