Digital Transformation Means Expanding Possibilities

An often over-used and daunting concept digital transformation presents organisations of all sizes the opportunity to expand possibilities for both their business and people.

The author of this page: Karl Flannery
Karl Flannery, CEO May 17, 2021

Business leaders have been hearing a lot about digital transformation over the past decade - and even more so in the past 12 months.

The opportunity to use technology to extract even greater efficiencies is now being overtaken by the need for agility and innovation, to overhaul in particular our business models.

It is a siren song that leaves many fearful that they may be missing out - or even worse, that they will have their business model disrupted by a competitor.

For Storm, Digital Transformation is all about Expanding the Possibilities of what technology can achieve for our clients business.

Stakeholder Engagement

It's about mediating stakeholder engagement, processes and experience, whether that be with customers, employees, suppliers or government, and understanding how they can be better served through digital technology.

Here at Storm, the question around digital transformation means coming back to the need for a powerful overall business strategy with digital technology at its core and driving forward in stages to successful execution.

We see our role as a strategic partner, helping clients realise their full potential with smart technology and change management to support widespread user adoption.

Integrated Platform

Working hand in hand with you, we are able to map how Microsoft's integrated platform can help deliver on your digital strategy in a phase and progressive manner, thus making it more successful and cost-effective in the long run.

This seems to us to be the less threatening and more realistic approach to the mantra of digital transformation.

It should be noted, not every company is going to completely up-end its business model through technology, nor should they. Technology exists to enhance and improve the way that you work and deliver products and services.

There is a real opportunity today that comes with a workforce that is much more comfortable with technology through being digitally-savvy consumers themselves, further enhanced by remote working throughout this pandemic period, which has made everyone at ease with collaboration and communication tools.

Inherent Dangers

The inherent dangers of change are greatly reduced with staff who are adept at new technology and who welcome being able to adopt improved processes at work.

The technology too is much more flexible, agile and requires less heavy lifting than it did five or ten years ago, enabling staff to do more valuable work.

To discover how your organisation can expand possibilities through digital technology, get in touch with a member of our team.

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