Empower Internal and External Users with Power Apps Portals

Go beyond static websites and empower partners, employees and customer self-service with tailored portal experiences powered by Power Apps Portals.

The author of this page: Roisin McLaughlin
Roisin McLaughlin, Marketing Director Mar 03, 2021

Part of the Power Platform family of low-code solutions, Power Apps Portals enable businesses to create a "powerful" new data-driven user experience; external or internal websites that allow visitors to create and view data in the Microsoft Dataverse & Dynamics 365. From anonymous browsing to highly personalised experiences, portals provide an innovative new way for all business stakeholders to interact with the services offered.

Enabling business users to quickly and easily create custom websites/portals in just a few clicks, without the need for complex coding, Power Apps Portals brings data-driven portal design to a wider set of audiences. Some of the most common use cases to date include;

Customer Self-Service Portals:

Enable customers to proactively manage their customer service experience with access to self-service knowledge and support resources. Leverage the power of the Dataverse and share progress updates and track customer feedback in real-time, or go even further with powerful chat experiences.

Partner Portals:

Effortlessly manage communication flow with resellers, distributors, suppliers or partners. Creating real-time access to every stage of shared activities and instant access to the data your partners need to succeed.

Employee Self- Service Portals:

Transform internal processes, streamline common tasks and empower employees with a single source of knowledge. Assist employees with finding human resources and company information using the knowledge base or forums.

Historically organisations seeking to build such portals would have to invest in a standalone web project, followed by costing integrations to sync the new portal with business data. With the ability re-use page designs through templates, add forms and views to display key data from the Dataverse, PowerApps Portals has already begun to disrupt the status quo.

Clients such as the IRFU are leveraging the benefits of low-code portal design and seamless integration to leading business platforms such as D365, including customer experience excellence, flexibility and the cost savings associated with low-code solution design. To find out how Storm can help you realise the benefits of low-code portal design, contact us today.

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