Empower Your Sales Team with Microsoft Sales CoPilot

Introducing Microsoft Sales Copilot, an AI-powered companion designed to help your sales team boost productivity, streamline tasks and empower sellers with data insights.

The author of this page: James Donohoe
James Donohoe, Microsoft Business Applications Account Manager Aug 21, 2023

Microsoft recently announced the introduction of Sales Copilot, a role-based copilot designed to help sales professionals boost productivity, personalise each customer interaction and close more deals. Microsoft’s new Sales Copilot builds on the capabilities of Microsoft Viva Sales which was launched in June 2022.

Acting as a companion to your sales team, Sales Copilot spans the tools that the sales teams use most like Outlook, Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 Sales, with the ability to connect to other third-party CRM systems such as Salesforce.

According to LinkedIn’s Global State of Sales 2022 report, sales professionals spend just 30% of their time selling with the majority of their time spent on administrative and other non-selling duties. Sales professionals know that spending more time on relationship-building and getting the details needed to close the deal is a more valuable use of their time. However, the majority are spending most of their day completing duties such as composing emails, updating the CRM system and researching information.

This is where Sales Copilot can help, bringing new capabilities to the tools that sales professionals use. Below we discuss some of the new functionality that is coming to Sales Copilot and how it can help empower your sales team.

Prepare for Meetings

Going into a customer meeting prepared is vital for sales professionals, helping to foster productive discussions and facilitating informed decision-making. This in turn can lead to better sales outcomes. Sales Copilot can detect upcoming meetings (in the next 24 hours) and can generate a summary of recent email exchanges and any seller notes to help with preparation. Further, after the meeting Sales Copilot in both Dynamics 365 Sales and Outlook will generate a professional and friendly meeting summary email to streamline follow-up.

Generate Lead & Opportunity Summaries

Sales Copilot harnesses the power of generative AI to summarise leads and opportunities in the CRM. A lead summary gives sales professionals an overview that combines data from multiple sources such as CRM, LinkedIn and the latest news from Bing to help streamline the lead qualification process. The opportunity summary gives an overview of the status, progress and potential of the prospect and the ‘catch-up’ section highlights key updates since the last touchpoint. This functionality is also available in Outlook.

Follow Up Emails

Spend less time writing emails with Sales Copilot. Sales professionals can either enter their text or choose a pre-defined category and Copilot will generate content with prompts and actions that are based on data in Outlook and CRM. Users can adjust the tone and length of the message to help it better resonate with customers. This helps sales professionals to follow up and reply to queries faster than ever before, fostering better customer relationships and helping move deals to the next stage. Further, Sales Copilot can help in responding to incoming emails by summarising long email threads and allowing you to save this to CRM quickly and easily. Helping sales professionals stay on track by identifying action points and key customer requests in incoming emails as well as streamlining communication.

Coaching Tips in Microsoft Teams

When using Microsoft Teams, Ssles Copilot can give real-time coaching tips during meetings in the Sales Copilot Teams panel. These tips can help sellers respond to customer queries or competitor and brand mentions. Enabling sales professionals to demonstrate knowledge by being able to generate relevant information in real-time within the virtual meeting. This also allows the sales conversation to flow more easily and empowers sellers to overcome objections where they arise.

If you would like to learn more about how Sales Copilot or Dynamics 365 can empower your Sales team? Get in touch today to speak with a specialist today.

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