Enhance Business Performance with Low Code Development

Empowering business users and IT professionals alike, Low-Code software development could hold the key to enhancing operational flexibility across your organisation.

The author of this page: Prateek Desai
Prateek Desai, Practice Director - D365 Customer Engagement & Power Platform Dec 08, 2022

In today's business landscape the ability to adapt has become a key component of business success, with this flexibility more than simply a hangover from Covid-19 but a necessary response to tightening budgets in the face of economic uncertainty and ever-evolving customer expectations.

So much so, that leading business technology provider Microsoft's latest solution updates all share one common theme: do more with less, an ethos reflected in the technology giants' focus on helping businesses become more agile and efficient.

Despite a surge in interest in recent years, Low Code development remains a relatively underutilised tool when it comes to solution development. A trend expected to change as industry leaders leverage low-code to not only improve customer experiences but fuel operational efficiencies and support increased agility through the optimisation of data flow across the organisation.

Let's explore just some of the ways Low Code can help enhance business performance:

Reduce IT Bottlenecks

Leveraging traditional development tools, IT departments are often faced with an overwhelming number of business requests for technology solutions. And as these requests continue to increase, opportunities can easily be missed with bottlenecks in both IT and business operations emerging.

Tapping into the power of Low Code enables organisations to reduce the burden on already stretched IT, teams, enabling IT users to reduce development cycles and empowering business users to build their own IT solutions - all centrally managed and governed by a Low Code Center of Excellence.

Improved Business Agility

From rapidly shifting customer expectations to market shifts, things can change in an instant. Organisations must adapt quickly if they wish to retain and grow market share.

Many Low Code platforms embrace this need for change through the reduction of development cycles and enabling organisations to harness data held in their existing business-critical applications through pre-built APIs. Take for example Microsoft's Power Platform, natively integrated into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite of business solutions, Power Platform users can leverage over 400 plus pre-built APIs via the Microsoft App Store.

Enabling both IT and Business users to respond quickly to changes, slashing solution delivery lead times from months to weeks (or even days).

Streamline Business Processes

In addition to helping organisations rapidly respond to changes in the market, Low Code can help organisations automate critical business processes.

With Low Code solutions such as Power Automate, business users can create processes/flows - without the need for coding thanks to pre-existing process/flow templates or an intuitive drag-and-drop process/flow builder. Plus with a range of triggers, you can match a variety of business needs from scheduled activities such as weekly reports to ad hoc leave requests requiring manual approval or automated flows such as lead alerts for the sales team. Enabling your organisation to rapidly scale up processes in line with business growth.

To find out more about how Low Code can help your business, check out our on-demand webinar using the link below.

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