Enhance Your MS Teams Experience with Integrations

Widely known for its communication functionality helping to connect remote employees globally, Microsoft Teams can offer much more to an organisation. In today's blog post we explore why you should look to integrations to harness the full potential of Microsoft Teams as a central digital workspace.

The author of this page: Brianna Bracken
Brianna Bracken, Marketing Executive Mar 22, 2021

Microsoft Teams has become a critical business application for many businesses globally. Many employers and employees have embraced remote and hybrid routines with this type of working set to become the new norm for companies. Since its introduction in 2016, Microsoft Teams was known for its collaborative functionality and ability to connect people remotely with applications in many industries from education and medical to business. With adoption already growing steadily in advance of the rapid adoption of remote working in 2020, it was no surprise when uptake surged in response to mandatory remote working driven by the Covid-19 pandemic.

With companies already familiar with Microsoft Teams for helping connect remote working employees through the use of the communication functionality of Microsoft Teams, the next logical step is to harness the full potential of teams. As a complete centre for teamwork helping merge team collaboration and communication through the tools, functionality and content display, Microsoft Teams allows your team to be more engaged and efficient with their working day. The numerous integrations available for Microsoft Teams provide organisations with new opportunities for employees. Let’s explore below the benefits that integrations can bring to your Microsoft Teams usage.

Better Workload Management

With employees juggling multiple tasks on daily basis, organisation is important. Having a central workspace such as Teams to integrate all your working applications into can help organise your working day more efficiently. Native team applications like planner can help organise your daily tasks while working around your integrated calendar. Further having a central workspace to integrate all your applications into can help save time and prevent interruption to your productivity flow if everything is in the same place.

Better Quality Meetings

Microsoft Teams is often recognised for its high-quality video conferencing functionality allowing employees to host virtual meetings and connect remotely. However, the ability to bring relevant integrations into meetings can enhance the experience even further. Integrations such as polls and forms can help gather quick responses and relevant information where needed. Other integrations such as Power BI can help get access to real-time information to always ensure you are discussing the most up-to-date and relevant data during meetings.

Completely Personalised

Allow working teams and departments to customise how their teams use Microsoft Teams to best benefit their needs. Harnessing Microsoft Teams as a central workspace allows each working team to integrate their relevant applications and set up teams and channels accordingly. On a more personal level employees can choose to integrate other applications to make their working day easier so that everyone can use Teams to optimise their working day as much as possible.

Create Custom Applications

For those who can’t find exactly what they need in the available integrations or who would prefer to use their creative side and create their own, Microsoft Teams has integrated with Power Platform to allow users to avail of low code tools to build, deploy and manage custom apps, workflows and chatbots all from within Microsoft Teams. Power Apps allows for low code apps to help simplify work and build custom apps with a user-friendly experience, Power Automate allows users to build workflows simplify with a number of templates to get started, Power Virtual Agents lets users to build and manage a number of chatbots to help in a number of scenarios such as HR or IT helpdesk.

If you would like to learn more about the integration possibilities within Microsoft Teams, contact us to speak to a Microsoft Teams’ Specialist today!

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