Fostering a Change Ready Culture within your Organisation

It is vital to foster a Change Ready Culture within your organisation to achieve your business goals in a rapidly evolving world.

The author of this page: Catherine Finn
Catherine Finn, Head of Change Management Jun 15, 2021

If a Change Ready Culture is embedded in your company, you will have the values, skills and framework in place, which provides the resilience and capability to easily adapt to both planned and unplanned change.

It means your people will be invested in going the extra mile to ensure change is successful and well-adopted, bringing improved return on investment in both the short and long term.

At Storm, we have developed a proven methodology for companies to follow:

  • Assess current state and define the future state

  • Assess the impact and create a change roadmap

  • Analyse your audience and create profiles

  • Identify sponsors and make a sponsor roadmap

  • Communicate, inform, support and engage

  • Build a set of key messages for each user group

  • Reinforce and sustain the change

  • Celebrate success and keep momentum over time.

To ensure success, it is key to understand the purpose from the beginning: why change? Look at the bigger picture and articulate the need for change. The first step doesn’t need to be an extensive programme of change, as it’s all about putting the foundations in place.

Leadership is a big part of successful change culture, having C-suite executives committed at a strategic level and involved all the way through the project. You want a network of change, people at all levels of the business engaged in building a change culture.

Listen to your people and get them involved, make them feel part of the change, so it is not happening to them, but with them.

With Storm, our Change Management consultants are with you every step of the way and ensuring that a legacy of change is built into the company. This capability becomes the DNA of how your company operates.

We often find that our clients have re-used our plans and toolkits, adapting them for other projects, using our coaching to become change leaders.

To find out more about how Storm Technology can help you foster a change-ready culture within your organisation, request a call from one of our change specialists.

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