Future-Proof Your Business with SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is at the centre of collaboration and productivity for many businesses. Below we explore why organisations are embracing SharePoint Online and how it can help you prepare for the future of work.

The author of this page: Brianna Bracken
Brianna Bracken, Marketing Executive Nov 08, 2021

Microsoft SharePoint Online is an online content management platform that allows users to store files in the cloud for collaboration and sharing. It is commonly deployed for organisations as an intranet, document management system and storage. SharePoint Online is essentially the cloud version of SharePoint on-premises and offers a number of advanced functionalities that can help support your business in the current changing world of work and into the future. Below we explore how SharePoint Online can support your business and help prepare for the future of work.


One of the main benefits of SharePoint Online is that is a cloud-based solution meaning it can be accessed securely from anywhere. This makes collaboration easier and can boost productivity for remote working or working on the go. Another big advantage is that your IT team does not have to worry about installing updates manually, with SharePoint Online updates are automatically updated as and when they are available.

Improved Collaboration

One of the core functionalities of SharePoint Online is to boost collaboration. Users can save files in OneDrive where they can share files with colleagues for real-time editing. Changes can be tracked as well as having version control options. This reduces the risk of duplication. OneDrive also automatically saves the different versions ensuring that there is backup from accidental deletion.

Central Information Point

SharePoint Online acts as a single central hub for all files and documents. This can save users time searching for files in numerous locations with SharePoint offering strong search capabilities to improve the user experience even further. SharePoint can be accessed from a PC or Mobile as well as on Apple, Android or Windows devices.

Easy Integration

SharePoint Online can be seamlessly integrated with the entire Microsoft Office suite of products. If you use Word, PowerPoint, Excel or Outlook daily, there is an easy import option to export documents from SharePoint into other applications. This also allows you to easily edit documents in your browser or desktop with all changes saved in the drive. SharePoint also integrated with other critical business solutions such as Dynamics 365 (CRM), D65 Business Central (ERP) and Microsoft Project. Another popular integration is Microsoft Power Platform, in particular, the Power Apps and Power Automate components which help digitise manual processes for examples approvals.

Customisable Solutions

SharePoint Online is a flexible tool that has a number of customisation capabilities that can help tailor it to your business needs. SharePoint is popularly deployed as a Document Management solution to help secure document processes in an organisation as well as supply easy collaboration. The second popular use of SharePoint is a Company Intranet that is customised to your company branding and colours, acting as a central digital space for employees boosting engagement and keeping everyone connected. Further, your SharePoint can be customised with relevant integrations as mentioned above.


SharePoint is backed by enterprise-level Microsoft Security Protocols helping businesses secure data and meet various compliance requirements. SharePoint Online works to protect your documents while still working to ensure easy collaboration and sharing. Users can secure files with different permissions like read-only as well as the option to add sensitivity labels etc. Not only are you securing from external threats but also from internal risks.

If you would like to learn more about how SharePoint Online can support your business in this new hybrid working era, get in touch to speak to a solution expert today.

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