Harness the Power of AI in SharePoint

Microsoft has announced some exciting updates for SharePoint to help users harness the power of AI for better content creation and management.

The author of this page: Conall O'Kane
Conall O'Kane, Practice Manager - Modern Workplace Jul 14, 2023

Since its launch in 2001, Microsoft’s vision for SharePoint has consistently been to be the world’s most flexible content platform that can offer users excellent experiences for collaboration, customisation and compliance. With SharePoint still forming part of core business processes across many industries, Microsoft is continuing to bring new technology advancements to the platform.

Below we explore some of the new SharePoint updates and innovations recently announced by Microsoft that should redefine the SharePoint page and site creation process for everyone in the organisation.

Copilot in SharePoint

Copilot for SharePoint is powered by AI and built on the Copilot system combining the power of large language models with data from Microsoft Graph all within the existing data security and privacy commitments. Copilot in SharePoint simplifies the experience for content authors by turning their words into tools for creating and editing SharePoint pages and SharePoint Sites. Spend less time setting up SharePoint sites, with only a brief prompt Copilot will create a visual starter site, compiling existing information from across your organisation and aligning to any branding set by your company. Copilot works alongside the user to help configure the site if changes are needed, even helping to rewrite text where needed to help create the correct tone that will help engage readers.

Better Branding for SharePoint Sites

Microsoft is expanding the aesthetic capabilities of SharePoint in line with rising user expectations around digital experiences. These new capabilities should cover the full spectrum of web design from branding and theme to typography and fonts as well as imagery, video and animations. These will empower users to create sites and pages with bolder designs. The new brand centre in SharePoint will help users pick specific logos, fonts, colours and other design elements that will represent the brand, organisation as a whole or a specific product. The branding elements can be reused across sites to create a consistent experience.

Image & Video Editing

In line with empowering users to create powerful new looks for their SharePoint sites and pages, a new image editor will provide advanced capabilities to inspire creativity. New editing features include adding filters, cropping, colour adjusting and text overlaying

SharePoint Pages in Outlook & Teams

Content is more effective when users can discover it in their flow of work, that’s why it’s important to connect SharePoint to key workflows that users engage with daily. A new integration of SharePoint pages into Outlook will allow users to preview and send full news posts as emails to the readers' inboxes, allowing them to consume the content without leaving Outlook. There is a number of templates fit for email to help users get started and page analytics will allow users to see total page views across both Outlook and SharePoint. Users can also now edit SharePoint pages from within Microsoft Teams with connected templates ensuring that SharePoint pages can be included as channel tabs.

Consuming SharePoint Pages in Outlook. Image source: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/

SharePoint & Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva provides another way for users to consume SharePoint content in their flow of work and amplify content already created. For example, Viva Connections places SharePoint news inside a company’s own customisable app with the resources tab and search in Viva Connections making SharePoint sites more discoverable to users. Users can also share SharePoint content on Viva Engage communities to encourage social interaction around the content.

These new SharePoint updates will help businesses take advantage of the newest functionality when it comes to managing company content. Like any successful solution, Microsoft will continually work on new functionality for SharePoint helping businesses to always have the opportunity to harness new features. If your organisation would like to unlock the full benefits of SharePoint get in touch to speak to one of our specialists.



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