Impact of Copilot for Microsoft 365

Following Microsoft’s recent Work Trend Index Special Report on Copilot’s impact on worker productivity to date, we summarise the key findings showcasing how the AI-powered assistant is benefiting its very first users. 

The author of this page: Conall O'Kane
Conall O'Kane, Practice Manager - Modern Workplace Dec 15, 2023

Various observational studies and a survey of 297 users in the Copilot for Microsoft 365 Early Access Program have revealed first impressions, how people are using it and what are the perceived benefits of the tool. Is Copilot worth the hype? Below we take a look at some of the top statistics that clearly demonstrate the findings.  

Perceived Productivity Benefits 

Microsoft Copilot is significantly enhancing user productivity and efficiency, revolutionising the way employees approach their tasks at work. A resounding 70% of Copilot users reported increased productivity, with 73% reporting the ability to complete tasks faster, showing the tools' profound impact on workers. With regards to email management, 64% of users found Copilot helped reduce time spent sorting through emails. Further, the vast majority of users (85%) noted the tools impact in quickly creating high-quality first draft content and 87% said Copilot makes it easier to get started on a first draft, streamlining a challenging part of content creation. Users also praised Copilot for its role in information retrieval, with 75% noting that Copilot saves time locating necessary content in their files. Not only did Copilot users feel more productive, but they also highlighted the tool’s ability to help with creative processes. 72% of users said Copilot assisted in idea generation while writing and over half (57%) said Copilot made them more creative. Other productivity gains included Copilot’s ability to save valuable time on mundane tasks (71%), make it easier for workers to take action after a meeting (84%) and make it easier for workers to catch up on things they missed (86%). 

Impact of Copilot for M365

Impact on Daily Tasks 

Meetings, email, information search and writing are all central parts of the standard workday for most individuals. Much of these tasks are not as valuable to the productive and creative process as we would like them to be. However, with Copilot being integrated across the Microsoft stack, busywork may no longer take as much time or effort from now on.  

The Microsoft report found that Copilot users were 27% faster at retrieving information than users who did not use Copilot assistant. Emails written with Copilot were found to be 18% clearer and 19% more concise, meaning both the writer and the reader can get to the point faster with Copilot’s assistance. When it comes to meetings, Copilot users were able to summarise a missed meeting almost 4 times quicker, ensuring users are up to date and informed as soon as possible. Overall, Copilot users felt two times more productive, demonstrating the tool’s profound impact on workers. 

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