The Importance of a Digital Transformation Review

With every organisation forced to react to the global pandemic, many had to adopt new technologies quicker than they would have liked. However, as we move into 2022, it has become important for business leaders to take stock of what has worked and what could be improved upon in their digital transformation strategies.

The author of this page: Conor Reynolds
Conor Reynolds, Marketing Intern Jan 11, 2022

The pandemic has brought digital transformation forward by between 3-5 years with digital adoption accelerating rapidly since organisations were forced to adapt to remote working in March of 2020. With everyone trying to leverage new technologies at rapid rates, many organisations took a technology first approach. This may have been useful for the short-term, but for long-term planning it is vital that your organisation has reviewed if the digital transformation has purpose, processes and people at the forefront of the strategy. Below are 3 areas your organisation can consider when reviewing your digital transformation strategy.

Focus on the Customer

With the rise of Big Data and predictive analytics, the end customer should be an essential consideration when reviewing your digital transformation strategy. Therefore, it is important to review how you are leveraging technologies such as Power BI, that bridge the gap between data and decisions. As such technologies can provide valuable customer insights, it is important to review your data collection methods to remain at the cutting edge of data analysis. When reviewing your use of analytics, it is important to consider if the technology you are using enables you to  best react to changes in a way that benefits your organisation. Ultimately the customer is what delivers the most value to the business.

Understand the Role of the Technology

When reviewing your digital transformation it is important to evaluate how the technologies you are using increase automation and efficiency within the organization. It is also essential to evaluate if there is any technology being used that does not serve the purpose it is intended for. Often times with a technology first approach, organisations can adapt technologies without it being tailored to their specific needs. Sometimes if the process is poor it can be made worse and so it can be important to consult with your technology partner before taking next steps.

It is also important to consider if your teams have had full involvement with your digital transformation to this point. Involving employees fully with your digitalisation will help them to understand the value of the technology and can help them to understand why change is necessary. If some of the staff have not had full involvement it may be worth investing in digital training to create synergy between staff and technology. Sometimes this can be time consuming and require change management specialists but it is well worth it for the long-term.

Build in a Feedback Collection Process

Organisations should ensure that a systematic collection of feedback is part of their digital strategy. Techniques such as focus groups and survey’s can be used to discuss how the technology is being used and what areas may have room for improvement. Collecting feedback is also important due to the fast pace of digitalisation. Constant feedback will help keep your digital strategy flexible enough to allow for change and for the adoption of new systems. Business Analysts can help greatly with tailoring digital strategies to the specific needs of the organisation. They can help deliver a clear vision, better communication and increased project return.

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