Improve Business Resilience with Enterprise Change Management.

In a world of rapid change, Enterprise Change Management provides organisations with the agility and resilience needed to thrive. Catherine Finn, Head of Change Management at Storm, shares her insights into Enterprise Change Management's impact.

The author of this page: Catherine Finn
Catherine Finn, Head of Change Management Jan 25, 2021

From technology advances to rapidly evolving market trends, businesses today must embrace change to drive continued business growth. To avoid overloading their teams, leaders must seek new ways of communicating change, aligning the companies culture, values, people and behaviours to the desired business outcome.

While many focus on a project-by-project change, change is becoming a "business as usual" activity. In light of this, we have seen a shift towards Enterprise Change Management, efforts to make change and integral part of the business DNA, where the skills and knowledge to drive change are inherent in how you do business.

Here are just some of the reasons businesses are focusing on Enterprise Change Management:

  • Establishing a common language, common tools, and consistent application means time is not wasted "reinventing the wheel" for each project.

  • With senior leaders managing the overall change capability, projects are more likely to succeed at an organisational level with faster speed of adoption, higher utilisation rates and a greater level of proficiency, all resulting in higher Return on Investment (ROI).

  • Avoid change saturation with a single process and enterprise view to effectively manage change across multiple change initiatives.

  • Increased resilience with a workforce that thrives in periods of rapid change.

Institutionalising change takes a concentrated effort, requiring resources, budget, time and commitment. However, the benefits can start to be felt even in the early stages. As the organisation starts to use the same language to describe change and a more consistent approach across different projects, the rates of change success will continue to rise.

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