Integrate LinkedIn Sales Navigator with D365 Sales

When integrated with Dynamics 365 Sales, Linkedin Sales Navigator can provide sales teams with crucial information regarding their opportunities directly in the Dynamics 365 interface. But what is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

The author of this page: James Donohoe
James Donohoe, Microsoft Business Applications Account Manager Oct 04, 2021

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an add-on application available through LinkedIn that gives sales teams a boost in capturing and nurturing leads. It provides features like Advanced lead and company search, lead recommendations, deals, organic marketing alerts and more.

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator in Dynamics 365

The addition to customer records in Dynamics 365 when Linkedin Sales Navigator is enabled is a Linkedin card that provides insight into LinkedIn activity including headline information, recent news, job changes, and recent activities. With this embedded card Salespeople can review this information on the contact record to ensure their communication with the customer is timely and relevant. They can see a timeline of communication activities across Dynamics 365, Outlook, and LinkedIn with a focused activity window right on the Dynamics 365 record.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator also handles much of the information gathering usually placed upon the salesperson. Sales Navigator can put together a visualisation of the organisational chart related to opportunities based on LinkedIn profiles. This information can be vital for salespeople to target decision-makers in the organisation. A secondary tab also gathers recommended leads from the organisation based on their role or title for salespeople to review as needed. Dynamics 365 administrators can customise forms to show LinkedIn Sales Navigator profiles and any layout needed to fit their unique business needs.

Getting Started

To Integrate Linkedin Sales Navigator with Dynamics 365, you will need to download the LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Dynamics 365 app from AppSource and enable it in Dynamics 365. Once enabled, there are two control options available – Sales Navigator Lead shows information about member profiles and Sales Navigator Account shows LinkedIn company profiles. The Sales Navigator is a proprietary LinkedIn product and as a result, its core capabilities exist in LinkedIn and not Dynamics 365. What this means is the high-value features that bring in leads and move them towards a purchase only exist in LinkedIn. What the integration does is sync those leads into your instance of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and create new or update existing records.

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