Introducing the New Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Now generally available and bringing together the capabilities of D365 Marketing and D365 Customer Insights, the updated Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is here to unify customer data and transform customer experience.

The author of this page: Prateek Desai
Prateek Desai, Practice Director - D365 Customer Engagement & Power Platform Oct 11, 2023

The core capabilities of both D365 Marketing and D365 Customer Insights will remain the same but will now be unified under one product name, consolidating systems and improving both the user and customer experience. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights will now have two apps, Customer Insights – Data (formerly D365 Customer Insights) and Customer Insights – Journeys (formerly D365 Marketing). Customer Insights – Data will enable businesses to build an insightful 360-degree profile of customers while Customer Insights – Journeys will allow them to leverage this customer profile to deliver powerful personalised experiences. Providing a holistic view of customer lifecycles, the system will deliver a more unified vision and better-connected customer experience, as employees can access interactions and information from any system at any point during the customer’s life.  

The transition will not require extensive training as most functionalities will either remain the same or have minor enhancements. For example, Customer Insights – Journeys (previously D365 Marketing) will allow marketers to reach up to 100,000,000 contacts or leads and send up to 300,000,000 messages per month – over 3x the previous outbound marketing limit of 30,000,000 contacts and 100,000,000 monthly interactions. 

Further, the product benefits from Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities that will help deepen your understanding of customer behaviour, uncover hidden insights and use predictive models to enhance how you engage your customers. Copilot in D365 Customer Insights can help businesses tailor customer experiences by 

  • Enabling users to ask questions that help them better understand customers through a conversational interface 

  • Allowing employees to use natural language prompts to create, summarise and simplify target segments 

  • Generating content ideas based on specific topics or points, rapidly accelerating content creation 

However, new customers will no longer receive the outbound marketing module as the focus will be directed towards real-time marketing and event management features only. Old customers will have access to older systems, but they will no longer receive updates or new enhancements. Microsoft recommends customers gradually transition to real-time marketing over the next year. 

The new Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is more flexible in terms of aligning the solution with your business's specific needs, as businesses gain access to the capabilities of both platforms with the option to purchase the capacity needed for their business. The new packaging is expected to deliver 40% savings on the base license offer compared to the previous offer. 

If you would like to learn more about Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, contact one of our solution specialists today. 

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