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You may have hundreds of pieces of plant equipment operating on any one project at any one time with some requiring dedicated personnel to operate and some operated by subcontractors. Designed to meet the complexities of plant and equipment management, 4PS can help your organisation reclaim control without the need for admin heavy policies and procedures.

The author of this page: Deirdre Lysaght
Deirdre Lysaght, Marketing Executive Jan 04, 2021

Having business processes under control is essential for any company that provides services and functions on a project basis. The difference between profit and loss can be caused by unexpected and even seemingly insignificant factors. A good management software that covers all processes is an excellent starting point, not only to ensure the efficiency of business operations, but also to improve the collaboration with customers and supply chain partners.

To be effective, the software must be standard, scalable and user-friendly. As market developments take place in rapid succession, software must respond accordingly and with that in mind 4PS has developed a specific ERP software solution for the construction, civil engineering, plant engineering, service and maintenance and the plant/equipment hire sectors.

The solution, based on the Microsoft Dynamics platform, provides extensive support in the preparation, implementation and follow-up of projects and contracts. It takes full advantage of benefits from Microsoft’s investments in innovation and from best practices, with the functional enhancements of a significant player in the industry.

Plant Management Module

Using 4PS you will always know where any plant is located, what it costs, how much it is generating in revenue and its status – if it complies with safety regulations, if it is working or in repair. 4PS gives you total visibility over your plant and equipment.

Total Control of Equipment

Enhanced functionality in finance, rental, sales, service, transport and logistics in one fully integrated system delivers the power plant hire companies need. Machinery can be purchased using the purchase module, depreciated with the fixed asset module and charged to projects via administration.

The Plant module provides support for:


A distinction is made between Plant Types and Plant Numbers. Bulk plant can be registered under a collective number.


Apart from the actual plant yard, you can link locations directly to projects and customers.


Plant planning uses the amount of available machinery and the actual demand for it letting you immediately spot any surpluses or shortages.


4PS Construct has a separate plant estimation module for combining sets, durations and machinery.

Plant Orders

Plant orders enable you to send machinery from the yard to a plant location or to return the machinery to your yard or to the supplier.


In the case of much larger plants, it is standard practice to plan transport and charge it to the customer separately.


4PS Construct provides a filtered overview of all inspections and the dates by which they must be carried out.

Benefits of 4PS

Through an integrated, internationally focused and technologically advanced solution, companies can respond to the needs and demands of the market, in terms of both compliance and efficiency. They are able to compete in potentially more lucrative and dynamic international markets and monitor orders and company efficiency, significantly decreasing the structural risk factors present in this market.

Microsoft Dynamics and 4PS form the basis for construction and plant engineering companies and with over 25 year’s experience delivering integrated software solutions, Storm Technology is a trusted partner of the Irish construction, civil engineering, plant engineering and plant/equipment hire sectors. The 4PS ERP software facilitates the integration of all company processes into one system; CRM, estimation, planning, project monitoring and BIM integration for maintenance and management projects.

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